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Why Farmhouse Trestle Tables Suit Every Style

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In the past, farmhouse tables were made from wood and built with a trestle base. The wood was usually oak or maple. Today, farmhouse trestle tables are also popular in rustic or shabby chic decorating.

The name “trestle” originally referred to a pair of diverging legs that were wide enough to be self-supporting and were linked at their upper ends, sometimes by hinges.

A table is made out of two or more such trestles that support a wide board and can be quickly folded and relocated.

The trestle table has a long and illustrious history. Portability was crucial six hundred years ago in Europe when only the wealthy owned precious furniture and moved it from one castle to the next.

Large and immobile tables would have been out of the question in those days. Although times have improved, an easily disassembled and transported table is still a viable option, especially at a time when some people change their addresses as often as their jobs or situations in life change.

Size matters – especially with furniture! With the increasing use of space in furniture, these tables appeal to customers who like comfort and enough legroom to move around.

Furniture that brings comfort is always a good investment.

Trestle tables are designed with comfort in mind. The mixture of materials and design elements makes them an ideal choice for those who value comfort in their furniture, especially while eating.

Trestle tables go perfectly with dining benches. The dining benches will easily slide in and out from under the table because there are no table legs to bother with. This also means extra space for more people on the table.

Trestle tables are larger and can accommodate one additional person on each side, making them excellent for hosting parties and large family gatherings.

Their design also makes it easier to accommodate people in wheelchairs, whether while dining or using the table for another purpose.

Trestle tables can be used as craft tables, gift tables, or buffet tables because there are more rooms under and spaces on the tabletop.

A broader space in the base supports the weight of a trestle tabletop, making it less prone to tip, giving users a very stable top to dine on.

It’s also easier to add extensions to a table with a trestle base. Because the table’s base remains stationary and does not move, it provides very good support.

Trestle tables will not sag with time. They can withstand wear and tear better and will last for a long time.

Trestle dining tables come in a variety of styles, from plain to elaborate. The stretcher between the trestle support is made in a variety of styles, ranging from modest and simple to massive and ornate. The stretcher and trestle designs serve to define the table’s appearance.

Trestle tables have a classic design that works well in traditional and rustic settings. New designs also go well with contemporary spaces.

Handcrafted wood trestle tables will not only last for many generations, they are also timeless pieces that can complement both modern and traditional styles of furniture.

Trestle Tables Are Practical and Functional
There’s a trestle table for anyone who wants practical and functional furniture. Whether you want traditional, farmhouse, coastal, or transitional style trestle tables, they all have a unique base design that makes them easily stand out.

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