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Why OEMs Will Never Beat Gaming Computer Builders

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The battle between convenience and customization has reached new heights. Building your own PC has always been regarded as the most efficient and ONLY way to ensure you always get what you want.

On the other hand, prebuilt gaming PCs have always offered a quick way to start gaming for those who just want a quick way into their favorite titles. These machines seem to be beefy enough to dish out decent quantities of FPS, and they work fine right out of the box. However, when you open them, you can see where big brands make most of their profit; the parts are usually pretty generic.

However, things started shifting. Lately, some OEMs have gone for all the marbles, entering the pre-built PC race.

We have seen them parading their models around with great fanfare, touting about their gaming prowess and convenience.

But, have they really made a big difference to the market? Is there any point in even considering them over custom computer builds?

Granted, there are sleek pre-built models out there that look awesome and are capable of running circles around current generation video game consoles. But they still lag behind in terms of components when compared to custom-built PCs.

The reason is that most manufacturers and brands buy their components in bulk months before the finished product hits the shelves. When their futuristic alien-looking models come out, the parts used are already one or two generations behind.

The fact that they are trying to solve an age-old problem deserves praise. It is true that building a custom gaming PC has its inconveniences and risks. For starters, finding the right pieces and making sure they are all compatible takes a ton of research. Then, there is the delivery times is; it is not unusual to wait weeks (or even months) for a piece, especially graphic cards. Lastly, the building process can sometimes take longer than expected, and any defective parts might derail the whole project. So, one of their selling points is that buying their products is a “better safe than sorry” approach to buying gaming PCs.

However, these PCs come in small form factor cases that give you extremely limited possibilities for customization, if any. They are carefully engineered to make sure all of their components work together perfectly so you don’t need, or find it inconvenient, to change them.
Need to upgrade your graphics cards? Too bad.

Thinking of overclocking? No space for extra fans or a better liquid cooling system.

This all means that they merely changed the nature of the problem instead of solving it. But what if we told you there is a real solution?

System integrators, like CLX Gaming, have offered a more permanent solution to these problems. Custom gaming computer builders allow you to get a fully customized PC, put together with expert hands, and completely open for future customization.

I have built my share of computers using CLX Gaming´s easy gaming computer builder and it is a total breeze. You start with a base computer and you can work your way up in terms of components and aftermarket options. They keep an up-to-date inventory, so you can get current-generation components without having to wait months for them.

CLX Gaming also offers pre-overclocked and water-cooled rigs. So, say you want to invest in a high-end gaming PC and would like to push it to its limits but don’t want to risk doing something that could harm your components. You can get a lot more FPS from your rig with their overclocking services and never have to worry about stability.

Gaming computer builders have shown that custom PC builds are still the way to go in 2022, hands down.

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