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Why People Still Shop for Para Ordnance Frames for Sale

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The M1911 is and has been one of the most popular handguns in the country for well over a hundred years. Despite the fact that it is over a century old at this point, the platform’s rock solid construction, reliable, smooth action and predictable trigger, among its other attributes, make it a perennial contender for “best handgun” overall.

M1911 pistols have seen such popularity among military, paramilitary, law enforcement officers and even civilian shooters that they have spawned nearly countless variants and “remakes.” Among the many M1911-inspired handguns that have been remade are those that were produced by Rock Island and Para Ordnance. Some of these 1911-inspired designs offer shooters the ability to enjoy an experience that is nearly identical to a 1911, but without the classic price tag.

Some of these producers, such as Para Ordnance, are actually defunct, and are no longer in production. However, because they produced quality handguns and parts for so long, there are many shooters out there who are still interested in Para parts such as Para Ordnance frames for sale. Some of these parts and accessories might even be cross-compatible with other 1911 variants.

There are two main reasons that shooters still look for Para parts and Para Ordnance frames for sale. One of them has to do with quality. For many years, Para Ordnance, which became Para USA LLC, produced 1911-style pistols and parts that were widely known for their dependability and practicality. Para Ordnance was also noteworthy for producing a few unique designs, such as double stack 1911 pistol – most 1911 style pistols are single stack. This increased the capacity of the platforms significantly.

Para Ordnance pistols have also been very well received on the basis of price. As the repute of the 1911 grew through the years, the pistols – even used ones – commanded commensurate prices. They might not be rightly considered budget-friendly, but their dependability has made them extremely popular. Para Ordnance offered a chance for many aspiring 1911 owners to secure a 1911 style pistol at a significantly lower price than would otherwise be available.

For these reasons and other individual specific situations, parts and Para Ordnance frames for sale are still in pretty wide demand. With proper care and maintenance, a Para Ordnance pistol could last for many years, even with hard use, and that keeps parts and accessories in high demand. In addition, parts like frames can be used to create new builds, assuming one can find all of the other requisite parts and components.

For that, there is Sarco Inc., whose collection of firearms, parts and accessories at is second to none. For those of you reading this looking for parts and accessories for Para Ordnance pistols, Sarco Inc.’s prices and broad selection will leave nothing wanting.

Visit their website,, to learn more about their available products, or get in touch with them at 610-250-3960. Their team of specialists will help you find what you need even if you aren’t sure what it is yet; they’ll give you your options.

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