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Why Plastic Nametag Holders with Pins are Useful

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First impressions are everything in a business When meeting potential clients, customers, or other faculty members, you want to make a good impression on them. First impressions are everything. This will show who you are as a team member but also who you are as a person. A first impression can look different to everyone. It could be how you present yourself to someone, your smile, the way you talk, or even how you dress.

Name tags and badges are a great way to humanize your employees. They are not just employees, but people with names that happen to work for you. Depending on the type of business you work for or own, could depend on the type of name tags or badges you need. There are name badges, id badges, photo id badges, or even membership badges you might need for your business.

This is why plastic nametag holders with pins are incredibly useful in a business setting. Not only do they make a good first impression due to their professional look, they just look proper when worn by staff. Everyone wants to be able to be referred to by name or have their official position known, so having a name tag is a great way to add a nice touch to your company and employees.

With plastic nametag holders that come with a pin, you can keep your new nametags protected and keep them looking as good as new. There’s no point in having name tags if you can’t keep them securely fastened onto your person, so the addition of a pin is a great way to keep your nametag in place everyday while at work.

Imprint Plus is the perfect place to find all of your nametags, badges, and all the accessories to go with them. This is the best one stop shop for all of your nametag needs for your business and for your employees.

Imprint Plus Stands for Sustainability
The eco-friendly practices done by Imprint Plus should be the ultimate factor when it comes to working with this name tag company. All of their name badges and signage systems are completely reusable and recyclable. We have far surpassed the need for single-use plastics in this day and age, so supporting businesses like Imprint Plus is a great first step.

Imprint Plus strives to eliminate as much waste as possible when making their products, to promote a green and highly ethical means of production. In their manufacturing process, they ensure that all of their materials are used for their entire possible lifespan, which limits their use of packaging significantly. To combat other types of waste, they implement eco-friendly products like vegetable inks and recycled papers.

If you want to hop on the sustainability train and provide your business with high-quality and affordable business name badges, then consider checking out Imprint Plus’s products. You can find them at If you have any questions, give them a call at 1-855-719-9388.

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