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Why the Coco Glucoside Usage Rate Keeps Going Up

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Have you noticed how popular cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally safe products keep growing in popularity? The demand continues to rise because not only are these products generally considered safer for the planet, they also tend to be more beneficial for our skin and hair.

One of the ingredients you will often find in these products is a surfactant called coco glucoside. It is a gentle cleansing agent derived completely from plants, which is finding greater usage with each passing year.

Let’s take a look at why this plant-based surfactant is becoming so popular.

An Answer for the Growing Coco Glucoside Usage Rate
So what is the reason behind this natural surfactant’s success in recent years? Certainly, there are other quality soap-making and shampoo ingredients out there to choose from.

When you look at the shift that is occurring within the personal care product industry, everything begins to make a lot more sense. Consumers are more aware than ever of what goes on their skin and they aren’t afraid to use their buying power to support products that are more in line with their ethics and morals.

The environment plays a huge role in the thinking process and shopping trends of many consumers as of late and for good reason. Who wants toxic chemicals and environmentally unsafe ingredients on their skin or winding up in the local waterways?

While skin care and hair care are still major priorities for consumers (more than ever, in fact), the quality of these products and where the ingredients are sourced from is important. Settling for cheap or toxic ingredients that are bad for our skin or the planet is no longer an option.

Coco glucoside is one of a host of newer, gentler ingredients. Created entirely from coconut-based alcohol and glucose, this product stands as one of the most gentle and multi-purpose surfactants out there. Since it is 100% vegan, it can be used in a wide variety of personal care items, including ones for highly sensitive skin and ones that specifically contain zero animal-based ingredients. The fact that this surfactant can be used in vegan products is big in and of itself because veganism as a whole is still a fast-growing movement that shows no signs of slowing down.

Consumers want quality. They want gentle and effective products that are healthy, nourishing, and safe for the environment as well. While this may seem like a tall order, it’s the bare minimum for consumers who simply want high-quality ingredients in their shampoos and soaps.

Where Can You Find Coco Glucoside?
Are you into soap-making or creating your own shampoos and other products at home? Or are you managing your own boutique, spa, or skincare brand and are looking for better-quality ingredients to use in your formulas?

You will want to take a look at MakeYourOwn.buzz. They have quite the selection of useful and high-quality ingredients for this very purpose. There, you can shop for all-natural surfactants like coco glucoside, along with hundreds of other ingredients, such as emollients, soap bases, colorants, and more.

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