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Why VFC Avalon AEGs Are Popular

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VFC Avalon AEGs, like the Saber Carbine, Samurai Edge, and SOPMOD Carbine, are relatively popular, especially as high-quality beginner airsoft guns.

But what differentiates these airsoft rifles from other entry-level AEGs that also offer a lot of value?

Some of the following, for starters.


Select VFC Avalon AEG rifles, like the M4A1 RIS SOPMOD, are made with full-metal receivers and metal barrel assemblies.

Many AEGs on the market today are made with polymer receivers, which is tough, strong, and lightweight, but not as tough or strong as all-metal construction.


One size does not fit all, and VFC Avalon AEGs are designed to be adjustable to the player and the circumstances. Most come configured with adjustable stocks that enable you to get the perfect LOP whether you’re wearing heavy clothing in the winter or need to slim down in anticipation of a CQB encounter.

Compatibility with Other Airsoft Magazines

Many VFC Avalon AEGs come with mid-cap 120-round airsoft magazines, but they’re also typically cross-compatible with other M16/M4 style mags, so finding magazines for them isn’t a big deal.

Tight Bore Barrels and Accuracy

One of the most common upgrades you’ll run into for AEGs rifles is the barrel. Upgrade to a tight-bore barrel with an inner diameter of either 6.02mm or 6.05mm and accuracy will improve.

You don’t need to make that upgrade with most VFC Avalon AEGs, because they come with tight-bore barrels from the factory.

High-Quality Internals, Easy Upgradeability

Most VFC Avalon rifles come with Version 2, all-metal, upgradeable gearboxes with metal gears. These stand up better to hard use and intense periods of sustained fire and, most importantly, are easily upgradeable any time you want to give a boost to performance. Models equipped with the VR16 gearbox, like the VR16 Saber Carbine, also feature a quick-change spring system.

Programmable Fire Control Units

It’s pretty standard for an AEG to come with safe, semi, and fully-automatic modes of fire, but not all AEGs come with programmable fire control units. Some VFC Avalon airsoft rifles, like the Samurai Edge AEG, do, enabling burst-fire functionality as well.


Last but not least we have price. It’s painfully easy to spend upwards of half a grand on an entry-level AEG, and not so easy to get value at a lower price point. But with VFC Avalon, you can. They’re not quite as affordable as G&G Armament AEGs, but you can still find quality AEGs between $400 and $600, that are easily upgradeable and offer customizable performance.

Where Can You Get the Best Prices on VFC Avalon AEGs, Guaranteed?

If you’re looking for one of these VFC Avalon airsoft rifles for sale and want to know where to look to get the best price, guaranteed, look no further than MiR Tactical via the previous link.

They carry these and other top-of-the-line beginner airsoft guns from G&G Armament, Umbrella Armory, KWA Airsoft, Arcturus Airsoft, Elite Force/Umarex USA, E&L Airsoft, and countless others, all at the best prices in the industry.

They guarantee this via their airsoft price match guarantee, which requires no airsoft coupon code. Visit their website for more details.

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