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Why You Should Be Using Alpine Shortening

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One of the most critical aspects of operating a bakery is selecting and sourcing the ingredients you need to create your products. You have to choose the right kinds of ingredients and in the right quantities every time you place an order for your wholesale bakery supplies. An important ingredient to have in a kitchen is shortening. It is used in a variety of baked goods and decorative elements and is a more foundational ingredient so you can get a lot of use out of it. The Alpine shortening in particular is great to work with because of its great quality and how it affects the final product. If this is not the shortening your kitchen uses, you should give it some thought.

Create Your Own Frostings
Many bakeries and professional kitchens fall into the habit of relying on pre-made or partially-prepared ingredients and products to create their baked goods. While pre-made ingredients can be incredibly useful in the kitchen for ensuring consistency and efficiency, it is still a great habit to create as many of your products from scratch as possible. It gives you more control over the products you are creating and often creates a much more fresh-tasting product. You can create your buttercream frostings and icings as you need them so that each batch will be as fresh as possible before it gets into the hands of your customers. If this is how you want to create your buttercream frosting, then you will need the right cake and icing shortening to create a smooth, tasty buttercream. The Alpine shortening is a great one to look at when you start preparing your own icings. It is one of the key ingredients to creating frostings, so this will become a very practical and useful ingredient for you to keep in stock.

Bright White Buttercream
Something really amazing about the Alpine shortening is its ability to create bright white buttercreams that really stand out on their own. They do not give off a creamy, yellow-based hue, but instead look starkly white, which is beautiful when you need to coat a cake in white. This trait also gives you a great base to add color if you need to mix it in with food coloring.

Great Quality Frosting
Ultimately, when you use Alpine shortening, you get high-quality, great-tasting frosting. Alpine creates a shortening that gives a very smooth, creamy texture so that your final product is super smooth. This is exactly what you want from a buttercream frosting, so you should be mindful of the ingredients that can help you get the results you want the easiest.

Stock up your pantry with all of the most essential ingredients for creating baked goods so you will always have the supplies you need in order to create high-quality baked goods from scratch. The Alpine shortening is a great example of basic baking supplies that a kitchen should always have on hand because of its role in creating important products like buttercream frostings, which are used in so many recipes. Visit to shop for wholesale quantities of Alpine shortening and keep your kitchen well-supplied with all of the essential baking ingredients you need.

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