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Why You Should Hire Certified Shopify SEO Experts

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Shopify continues to be celebrated as one of the best eCommerce platforms out there. This assertion is not without merit. The company today powers more than a million businesses around the world, holding a non-trivial 11% of the eCommerce market share. The platform experienced a 50% growth between 2019 and 2020, signaling a massive exodus of mom and pop shops into the online world using the intuitive features Shopify is famous for.

There are many reasons for this market preference. For one, the platform offers extremely intuitive tools that makes it astonishingly easy for users with little to no experience in Shopify site building. Indeed, anyone with a PC and a couple of hours in their hands can set up an online store by watching a couple of YouTube tutorials and start selling right away.

So, why would anyone need to hire certified Shopify SEO experts?

The short answer is that the vanilla version of Shopify becomes extremely limiting as soon as you want the website to have some functionality that does not come embedded in the code. Moreover, there are many “dormant” functionalities in these templates, and some of the basic plugins, that you might never use, but they still affect the overall performance of your website. Some of them impact the way your site loads, or might cause integration problems later on.

These seemingly small details can only be cleaned up by having a deep understanding of how Shopify´s source code works and how their plugins and templates interact with each other. Certified Shopify developers are much more than regular website developers. They usually go through a rigorous training process that allows them to understand the particularities of the platform, and how to execute Shopify SEO campaigns that take every element of your business into account when building intuitive and user-oriented websites.

Becoming a Shopify SEO expert requires extensive knowledge in their own coding language called Liquid. However, CSS and HTML programming skills are also vital if you expect to perform any significant changes to your website by modifying the platform´s source code. Certified Shopify SEO experts routinely expand the functionalities of online stores to make sure they offer visitors unique experiences and a seamless conversion process, increasing the chances of repeat sales.

But the most important reason to hire Shopify SEO experts is that they know how to increase the chances a Shopify store has to reach top positions in search engine result pages. This is not only done through Technical SEO factors that, when correctly fine-tuned, greatly improve your website’s performance. Search engine optimization also requires a deep understanding of how users usually look for products or websites related to your industry in order to define a marketing strategy that guarantees increased organic traffic and long term revenue.

If you need the help of genuine Shopify SEO experts, visit Genius eCommerce and start your path towards long-term success.

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