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Why You Should Hire the Best Land Surveyors in Calgary

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If you are someone hoping to buy a property or sell your own for a profit, you would want to ensure everything is above board and right when it comes to land boundaries. This is where land surveyors come in.

Land surveyors are highly skilled professionals who measure the dimensions of land to figure out land boundaries and topography of the plot. These measurements are not only useful for determining which part of the land lies in your property but also come in handy when extending any additions to your house such as a fence or a porch.

However, a land surveyor’s work must be thorough and exact due to the legal aspect of surveying, and they must employ specialised equipment with the skill to identify boundary lines and land conditions. In this article, we discuss why you should do your best research and the need to work with the best land surveyors in Calgary for your land survey.

What to Expect from a Good Land Surveyor?
When engaging in traditional land transactions, it is not uncommon for individuals to encounter discrepancies between the initially established boundaries and the agreed-upon ones. In such cases, it becomes crucial to enlist the assistance of a land surveyor who can create accurate maps to ensure compliance with legal regulations during construction on your property.

Land surveyors offer valuable services that include assessing and measuring properties using surveying techniques, determining property or land values, and identifying potential risks associated with a particular property. Their expertise aids in making informed decisions and safeguarding your interests.

Depending on your budget, you can hire a property surveyor to provide you with more thorough renderings that incorporate photos, information on prior property alterations or improvements, the existence of utilities, and any location-specific problems like a sinkhole or floodplain.

A good land survey will help you:

● Determining Boundary Lines
One of the most common reasons landowners seek the expertise of a qualified surveyor is to establish accurate boundary lines. Understanding the contractual limitations regarding occupancy and possession is crucial before any construction activity, such as building fences or structures.

● Water bodies such as Lakes
A standard survey primarily covers visible or surface waters, while inspections conducted by other professionals are more suitable for assessing underground waters and wetlands.

● Joint Driveways and Parking Conditions
You may be required by law to support your neighbour’s driveway by keeping up your own, whether you know it or not. Understanding such obligations is important to avoid potential boundary disputes, and having proper legal documents to support your position is crucial.

● Water, Electric, Gas, Telephone and Telegraph Infrastructure
Surveyors can report on visible elements such as utility poles and above-ground wires, as well as provide information on the existence of underground infrastructure such as cables and drains. This information is typically obtained from utility companies and local municipalities.

● Rights-of-Way, Easements, and Abandoned Roads
A survey reveals legal conditions related to rights-of-way, easements, and abandoned roads, which are reflected in your property’s title report and other agreements. For instance, if your property obstructs your neighbour’s access to the road, there might be an existing agreement allowing your neighbour the right to cross your yard to reach the street.

● Existing Improvements
Typically, surveyors certify that the existing structures, enhancements, modifications, and repairs on your property comply with all current rules and regulations. However, they will also inform you if any recent improvements violate local ordinances or laws, indicating the need for corrective action.

Reach out to Core Geomatics if you are looking for qualified and skilled land surveyors in Calgary. With years of experience in their hands, they are known for their state-of-the-art technology, safety and premium quality services.

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