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Why You Should Use Malco Tools

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Regardless of whether you are working with sheet metal or natural slate, roofing can be a grueling job. Like with most labor-intensive jobs, there is a way to work smarter and not harder. The best way to do that is by having the right tools. With the right high-quality tools, you will be able to improve your quality of work while making the process quicker and easier. When it comes to roofing tools, Malco is one of the most trusted and well-known brands there is.

Malco has a very simple motto of “Work. Perform. Outlast.” and that is exactly what they do. Malco is an American company that has been making quality tools since 1950. In 1975, they added roofing tools to their already impressive lineup of well-made products. Today, they are the nation’s leading manufacturer when it comes to exterior remodeling tools. They have a large variety of top-quality roofing tools that have been proven to perform and are able to withstand years of use.

Metal roofs and slate roofs require vastly different approaches. Metal roofs are lighter in weight and generally considered easier to install than slate roofs, but that does not mean that metal roofing is not difficult. Regardless of which material you are working with, Malco tools can help make the job as simple as possible.

Recommended Malco Roofing Tools
If you are working with natural slate then a fantastic tool to own is the Malco Turbo Shear. This attachment for a corded or cordless drill is perfect for cutting through natural slate. It provides a smooth experience and allows you to make straight, angled, or curved cuts that produce a desirable appearance. It is easy to use, lightweight, and compact. Any roofer knows the struggles of having to carry things up and down from the roof. It can be tiring and time-consuming. So, when a tool has the option to be lightweight and compact that is a huge bonus.

If you are working with a sheet metal roof rather than a slate roof then you’ll certainly need a sheet metal hammer for the job. The Malco Sheet Hammer is a very popular setting hammer and used by roofing professionals around the world. It has a comfortable leather grip and a fully polished head with a beveled face. This is a tried and true 18oz sheet metal hammer that is simply great for getting the job done.

Another reliable Malco tool is their 9” by 2” hand seamer. This is a very unique roofing tool. It offers a very natural feel and its one-hand operation latch offers maximum compound leverage. It is perfect for aluminum roof flashing, coil stock, or fascia and allows for nice and clean angle bends. It is made with die-cast zinc jaws and nickel plating making it rust-resistant.

Hemming is an important part of any roofing job. You’ll need the proper edge folding tool and the Malco Drip Edge Folding Tool works extremely well. It comes in 18” and 24”. Each comes with a fiberglass handle that gives the tool the durability it needs while still allowing it to stay lightweight. Drip edges are a breeze with this tool and can be bent at a depth of either 1” or 1.5”.

The best place to get the Malco tools for your roofing job is stortz.com. They have all kinds of amazing quality Malco products as well as other stellar brands as well. They have sold quality hand tools since 1853. You can get tools for every step in the roofing process from their site.

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