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You Need to Check out LT Wright Knives

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Knives are some of the most useful tools out there. Whether you are looking for a knife to take with you on a camping or hunting trip or you are interested in finding an everyday carry option that can handle some tough tasks, then a well crafted fixed blade knife can be an invaluable resource. If quality matters to you, then LT Wright Knives are an excellent choice.

Based out of Ohio, LT Wright Handcrafted Knives are made by a small team of dedicated craftsmen trained in the art of knifemaking by the company’s namesake, LT Wright. LT got his start making knives from simple kits for friends and family. As more and more people started to show interest in his knives, LT began to invest more time and resources into learning how to craft high quality knives. He bought professional tools and started to train under other master knife makers until he decided it was time to quit his day job and focus on knife making full time.

Since then, the shop has continued to grow. Even though more people have joined the team, LT remains very hands-on with his attention to detail and making sure that every knife that bears his name lives up to his high standards. Every one of their knives is designed with utility in mind and made with the highest quality materials available. This includes experimenting with different steel alloys and handle scale materials to ensure that all of their knives meet or exceed their customers’ expectations.

If you need help picking one of their incredible knives, we will highlight a few of their most popular models. When it comes to LT Wright Knives, many of their models are available in different materials and with different grinds so users can find the perfect knife to fit their preferences.

For bushcraft, you cannot go wrong with the LT Wright Bushcrafter. As the name implies, these knives were designed with bushcraft and outdoor survival in mind. The Bushcrafter features a 4 inch spear point blade made from sturdy A2 tool steel. The handle scales are comfortable and feature a finger choil to offer a secure grip when working all day.

For anyone looking for a more compact knife, the LT Wright GP Medium is a great option. These knives have a wide 3.125″ drop point blade constructed from AEB-L stainless steel. The wide blade has great slicing power and is a great choice for a wide range of everyday tasks.

If you want to check out these two models and many more great options from LT Wright Knives, you can find them at The Knife Connection is an online knife retailer that works with several quality knife brands. They even offer some LT Wright handcrafted knives that are only available on their website. If you have any questions about any of the knives that they carry, feel free to reach out to one of their knife experts by sending an email to [email protected].

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