Tuesday, September 26, 2023

How Tie-Dyed Clothing Has Eased Everyone This Year

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The tie-dye technique has been around for ages and originally started to inspire people from the ‘60s. It might have lay low for a bit but it’s, here again, to give color to our lives brought by dreadful events we had in the past year. This beautiful graphic swirl has made its return in lockdown and paved its way to the mainstream, fueled by celebrities in the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kourtney Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and Bella Hadid who didn’t think twice to tie-dye women’s clothing to raise funds for Feeding America.

With techniques that originated from India, Japan, Indonesia, and West Africa, the designs that have been popping recently in women’s and men’s clothing equally has made it a unique identity for people living in this day and age. Tie-dye fashion has both visually and conceptually bringing a nostalgic cultural atmosphere when things were more uncomplicated and everything was just a breath of fresh air.

Originally Made By Artisans in India

Advance Apparels, a company dedicated to making life colorful for everyone checking out their dresses with different tie-dye designs skillfully made by artisans in different parts of India. With unique patterns, scale, and color, their blouses and dresses seem to fit in any occasion from a simple day at the beach to a lovely wedding reception.

In the 6th century, Bandhani, a unique tie-dye form was commonly practiced in India. This technique of fabric printing is one of their earliest approaches in modifying a simple fabric to a fashionable one and is still generally practiced in India even at the present time.

Why Tie Dye Women’s Clothing is All The Rage These Days

If you’re one of those who are currently embracing the work-from-home trend that started early last year, it’s probably safe to say online shopping is one of your past times to take your mind off of the monotony. You might have found yourself shopping for something colorful to liven up your current life situation only to find out “tie-dye women’s clothing” is actually a rising interest now since March of last year according to Google Trends.

During the initial rise of this particular technique back in the ‘60s, the tie-dye technique used to be an unofficial dress code for the alternative society promoting the “Make love, not war” attitude back then. And with the uproars brought by a couple of notable chaos in race and healthcare, there’s nothing better than bringing back the good old homemade fashion aesthetic that helps keep everyone calm at home.

Ready-To-Wear Tie Dye Women’s Clothing

Advance Apparels is a brand best known for its tie-dye umbrella dresses featuring vibrant and dynamic ready-to-wear dresses. They are not only perfect for lounging around the house without looking too raggedy regardless of the new work-from-home practice, but they are also flowy enough to look lovely even when running errands nearby or for a beach visit one of these days. Visit Advance Apparels and pick your favorite one size fits most, flowy tie-dye dress.

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