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Reasons to Enjoy Your Heavy Zip Up Hoodie

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We could probably go off on an entire speech about how much we love a good heavy zip up hoodie and all of the many reasons why we love that type of hoodie so much, but we won’t go that far with it. Not right now anyway. But we are willing to bet that you feel similarly since a heavy zip up hoodie is the sort of garment that is pretty universally loved. It makes a great addition to your closet, even if you live in a place that is often warm. But instead of going on and on about our love for this zip up hoodie, let’s get right into why we feel this way and what makes this one piece of clothing so near and dear to our hearts.

Fight Off the Cold

Heavy hoodies were made to keep you warm after all. They make the perfect garment to shield you from the harsh cold of winter. The zipper and hood set them up for layering up with other things like scarves, jackets, and coats really easily so you can get just the right amount of protection you need from those low temperatures. Even if you are only out to pick up some food, you keep yourself nice and warm.

Stay Cozy at Home

When you are not going out in the dead of winter, you can still be seen in a heavy zip up hoodie in your own home. While you are not going head to head with sharp winds, you can still be found in your hoodie on your days off from work. You still want to feel a little warm and cozy, wrapped up in your hoodie like a blanket as you walk into the next room with a cup of coffee in hand, ready to watch an old movie.

No Judgements

One thing we have to love about these hoodies in all sincerity is that they come with no judgments. Of course, a piece of clothing would not judge you, but sometimes it can feel like you judge yourself for allowing yourself to be comfortable sometimes. You are allowed to throw on a heavy hoodie some days and let yourself feel lazy or down for a while. The point is, a hoodie is sometimes a great comfort when you don’t feel your best and we have to appreciate that contribution.

We’ll leave it off right there. If we went on any longer, it would start to sound more obsessive than appreciative. But you get the idea. A heavy zip up hoodie is a great piece of comfort clothing whether you are wearing it indoors or outdoors. We could all benefit from having at least one good, high-quality hoodie of this kind in our lives for days we need to brace ourselves for the cold or night we just want to stay in. One place that has super comfortable hoodies is Just Sweatshirts. You should probably find your new favorite sooner rather than later.

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