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The Summer Wardrobe Staple: Batik Dresses

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Whenever the summer rolls around the strong desire for bright colors and bold prints comes back in full force. There is just something about the summer sun and heat on your skin that makes warm, bright colors and designs feel so natural. Florals, paisleys, stripes, gingham, and so many more fabric designs flood the streets just as they should. But one stand-out design emerges and seems to be loved but underutilized at the same time. Batik. Batik garments are perfect for the summer and look right on anyone who throws them on. The summer dresses you need to take another look at are the batik dresses. The bold, detailed prints are hard to find anywhere else and make the summer feel more complete. If you have not already added some fun batik dresses to your closet as a summer staple, then you should do it soon. You don’t want to miss out on one of the things that make summer so fun: colorful prints and patterns.

What does Batik mean?

Batik fabrics and garments refer to the process done to dye the fabric. Batik is a method for dyeing fabrics with patterns and designs that involves applying wax to the material to create the shape of the pattern you want, then applying dyes to the parts without wax. The wax blocks the dye from going through the fibers in certain areas so that you can use that negative space to make designs. Later, the wax is removed so you are left with a fabric that has an intricate design dyed into it. This beautiful technique originated in Indonesia but became so popular that it can be found all over the world.

How to style batik dresses?

Even if you love just looking at them, you might be a bit concerned with how you would go about actually wearing a batik dress and how you would style it. As bold as they are alone, they are actually easy to incorporate into a casual outfit for day-to-day activities like going to the store or spending time with friends. Unless you are skillful at mixing prints like a pro, the easiest thing to do is make the print the star and keep everything else very simple to balance it out. Just throw on a cute batik dress like this black and white maxi dress and add some neutral strappy sandals to go with them. You could also dress it up a bit by making the shoes strappy heels and add a chunky bracelet or dangly earrings. Just like that, you can bring this one dress from daytime casual to evening elegant.

Now that we’ve made such a case for the merits of wearing batik dresses in the summer, we can settle down a bit. Hopefully, you can see the beauty in the work that goes into creating these garments, along with the beauty in the garments themselves. The work put into them is impressive and certainly worthwhile considering how the final products come out. We can only sing the praises of batik fashions for so long, so we will leave you here and with a bit of advice for finding some beautiful batik dresses to add to your wardrobe. A great place to check out is aashopusa.com, where they have lots of stunning printed garments available, batik included.

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