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What is Recycled Jewelry and Where Can You Buy It?

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If you are a conscious consumer and prefer to support brands that are doing their part to help the environment, knowing where to find stylish recycled jewelry might be important to you.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of eco-friendly jewelry or for anyone who would like to know where to potentially buy these pieces of jewelry, this short guide will help inform you in regards to everything you need to know.

What is Recycled Jewelry Made From?
The idea behind jewelry that is recycled might seem somewhat counterintuitive at first. Isn’t the whole point of owning stylish jewelry is to wear something of value? A luxurious accessory that is finely crafted and that amplifies our outfits?

The word “recycled” doesn’t exactly conjure images of luxury, as we have grown accustomed to thinking in terms of recycled consumer waste in the form of plastic and paper. Most of the time, such materials are of a lower quality and therefore have a negative connotation.

However, when it comes to the crafting process behind recycled jewelry, it’s somewhat different. Most of the time, these jewelry pieces are simply crafted from gold or silver that has been melted down and reused rather than being dug up from the earth. In this respect, most of these jewelry pieces use renewable materials rather than brand new ones.

The end result is still the same however. You wind up with a gorgeous piece of jewelry that shines with the luxurious qualities you desire.

Of course, the same process doesn’t apply to certain materials, such as gemstones. In these instances, eco-conscious brands seek out sustainable ways to acquire these stones in order to have a minimal impact on the environment. Whether this means reusing ones that are already in circulation or growing them in a sustainable way, there are forms of responsible sourcing that make it possible to craft jewelry that has much less of an impact on our planet.

A Great Place to Shop For Sustainable Goods
If the idea of owning beautiful jewelry pieces that have been made from renewable or upcycled materials sounds like something that aligns with your values, it’s important to know where you can actually shop for such products. It’s not always easy to shop sustainably in mass market locations, which means you might want to consider shopping online instead.

For instance at ourCommonplace, you will find an incredible selection of recycled gold jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are designed to offer a superior level of style while also being planet-friendly.

The brands that they feature in their ethical marketplace all adhere to strict standards when it comes to their business models. Everything from the supply chain to the way in which they treat their workers is taken into account and factored into the quality of the brand. This is the best place to shop online if you are seriously searching for high-quality recycled jewelry and other sustainable goods.

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