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What it Takes to Provide Ethically Made Dresses and Other Clothing

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In the past years, there has been a pivot in the fashion industry. With once popular and mainstream retail stores in local shopping malls catering towards young adults with trendy and affordable clothing now slowly closing down, there has been a shift in how we think about clothing. Since then, those mainstream retail stores, now known as fast fashion brands, have lost their popularity.

The decrease in popularity originates from an increased focus on ethical fashion, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. The fashion industry is extremely influential on the world around us. Not only does fashion seriously influence our mainstream culture, but it also influences our environment. Fast fashion brands pump out cheap and low-quality clothing to meet the ever-changing fashion trends that circulate the industry.

Since fashion trends die out quicker than they become trends, excess clothing in stores is thrown away and taking up major space in our landfills. For the last few years, there has also been an uptick in the act of “thrifting.” Thrifting refers to purchasing gently used, second-hand clothing from a consignment store or a thrift store.

Not only are the clothes, shoes, and accessories much cheaper, it’s also an environmentally conscious choice to thrift. You can find similar or equally stylish clothing without having to buy into fast fashion and create the need for fashion brands to manufacture more clothes.

As great of an idea as this sounds, not everyone is going to thrift their clothing. Some people enjoy shopping for new things or can’t find exactly what they want at a thrift store. However, there are practical solutions to this problem.

More fashion brands have taken the initiative to change their manufacturing practices and switch to more ethical and eco-friendly ways of producing their clothing. Take Advanced Apparel, for example. This small clothing company, specializing in African fashion, umbrella dresses, and Batik style clothing, are making it their mission to provide a sustainable way to enjoy and purchase clothing.

Why Advanced Apparels?

Since 2001, Advanced Apparels has been distributing their own private label brand and hasn’t stopped since. They are dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable clothing, ethically made dresses, and other stylish fashion that are catered towards a wide range of people and body types.

With trusted and secure relationships with their vendors, they work closely with their clothing factories to ensure ethical and safe working conditions. By supporting Advanced Apparels, you know you will be buying from a business with high standards. Plus, they do everything in their power to ensure that their clothing products are reasonably priced for their customers. Recently, they have launched their new clothing line, Anata.

Anata clothing is catered toward free-spirited women with an eye for bohemian fashion and wear. Every piece of clothing from this collection is handcrafted and designed with sustainable fabrics and non-toxic vegetable dyes. The final product is a beautifully tie-dyed organic garment that is the perfect addition to your closet.

From the Anata line, you can find ethically made dresses, beautiful flowy maxi skirts, and two-piece tie-dye sets that are perfect for the upcoming summer season. Any of the pieces from the Anata collection will be the perfect summer outfit for the beach or hanging by the pool.

The clothing for this line is made from tencel, which is best suited for moisture and temperature control, making this the perfect choice for the warmer months that are quickly approaching. To get your hands on this clothing, check out and browse the amazing collection of sustainable fashion!

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