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Wholesale Hair Accessories Your Shop Needs In Stock

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While you are getting your shop’s supplies ready for sale, you want to take your time looking over the inventory and making sure that you have enough of everything and that what you do have will work for your customers. You want to find the right balance between things that people need and things they will get excited to see. So the next time you are picking out the wholesale hair accessories that your shop will be carrying, you will want to look for both of those things. Thankfully, you should not have too much trouble finding some wholesale hair accessories that give you both of those traits in one. What you want to do is look for common hair accessories people wear regularly, and then look for ones that are a little bit more stylish. With this blend of the two, you should find people excited to see hair products they love and will wear often.

Headbands & Fascinators
This hair accessory can provide a lot more range than just sweet, preppy looks. With all of the styles you can find headbands in, there is a style that should work for a wide range of personal tastes. Sure, you can choose some rather simple headbands with subtle details like a nice printed fabric or a bow on top, but you can also look for headbands with more bold details like chains, colorful rhinestones, or even tassels hanging off the ends. Take a look at headband fascinators and the fun details they showcase such as feathers, small mesh veils, and manipulated ribbons. They should help to remind you of all the directions headbands can go in.

Hair Clips & Barrettes
Hair clips and barrettes give you a lot of space to experiment because they are so small and subtle. You can try out more styles, colors, designs, and embellishments with these little clips because even if they are bold, they only act as a single, small accessory on the head. You can really have fun with different styles of these hair clips and get just about anything that catches your eye because someone picking them out would be more comfortable going bold with small detail.

Scrunchies & Hair Elastics
These have got to be the most practical and wearable of all the hair accessories. For these hair ties, people are likely to either choose the most simple option that they do not even notice, or a very fun style that does catch attention. With hair tied up and out of the face in a simple bun or ponytail, there is more room to play with here for design like ribbons, colors, embellishment, and size.

These are not all of the hair accessories that you can choose from, but they should serve as a jumping-off point for you to figure out the types of products your customers might want to see from you. Keep these ideas in mind the next time you are looking around to restock on inventory. Look for items that provide a fresh take on a common hair accessory. If you need a place to start looking, Wona Trading has a huge selection of wholesale hair accessories available on their website, so you will want to give that a look and find the next items you want in your shop.

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