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Why Wear a Side Cut Out Dress (and 4 Stunning Styles to Try)

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There is one recent unique and tantalizing fashion trend that is taking the industry by storm: side cut out dresses.

Side cut out dresses are essentially as the title suggests: dresses that feature cut out sections along the sides. These cut outs can vary in terms of quantity and size; they can also be present on all forms of dresses, from floor-length wedding guest gowns to the playful and more casual skater dresses!

No matter their styling, these cut outs add a flirty flair to both the dress and your look as a whole! They make you look exceptionally elegant and sexy all at the same time, as you can effectively show off a hint of skin– and grab the attention of all nearby!

When you are looking for the best side cut out dress, trust no one but shopUNIQUES.com. Need a bit of convincing? Then check out these four stunning side cut out dress styles that they offer and you’ll see why you’ll want to trust them (and nobody else) to stock your wardrobe!

1. Side Cut Out Maxi Dress

While any type of dress that contains these enamoring cut outs is meritable, we are truly the huge fans of the side cut out maxi dress in particular. Maxi dresses, in case you need a quick refresher, are dresses that are long and their hems reach typically your ankles or the floor.

Maxi dresses of all kinds exude elegance, but those with unique features like cut outs especially do so. One fine example of such is this Side Cut Out Maxi Dress. Alongside the eye-catching ruffles is a single cut out on one side, which adds a subtle yet noticeable hint of lusciousness to the dress.

2. Side Cut Out Midi Dress

When you’re looking for a dress that is “just right” in terms of length, then you certainly can’t go wrong with a midi dress! For those hunting for a stunning, sexy look as well, then your search ends with a side cut out midi dress!

Midi dresses typically come to the middle of your shin and is named “midi” because it’s “in the middle” of a maxi and mini dress length. This style of dress is chic and stylish, especially when it features a side cut out accent!

This Cutout Midi Dress (pictured above) is a great example of such with its sexy cutout waist, which makes it a truly mesmerizing piece for all to admire no matter where you go in it!

3. Side Cut Out Two-Piece Dress

Two-piece dresses are excellent options as well! While they are technically speaking a top with a skirt, these two pieces match, making them more of a two-piece dress than anything else. This Two-Piece Maxi Dress is a prime example of an undeniably stunning two-piece dress. It has a large cut out section, as the top is a crop top and the skirt is high-waisted.

4. Side Cut Out Mini Dress

Want to show off more of your legs and waist? Then a side cut out mini dress might just be precisely what you’re looking for. Mini dresses typically reach mid-thigh or higher, giving you just the right amount of leg flauntability! This Black Crystal Strap Mini Dress is the epitome of such a beautiful mini dress that has side cut outs for added design.

Not only does it have two side cut outs, but these sections are also covered by a transparent mesh, which only adds to its sexy and chic look.

No matter if you’re looking for a side cut out maxi dress or a two-piece dress (or other!), trust in shopUNIQUES.com to provide you with the most attractive and high-quality options out there! Browse all of their unique dresses and be sure to follow them on all their socials to stay up to date on the latest trends: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr!

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