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3 Ways to Use Sanding Sugar Sprinkles in Your Baking

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Sugar of all kinds is a serious staple in any bakery since it is an essential basic ingredient for creating most recipes, but it also can act as a decorative ingredient as well. In this case, let’s take a look at sanding sugar sprinkles in particular. This sparkly, crystalline sugar can be found in just about any color you can think of and adds a fun visual effect to whatever you use it for. Being a type of sugar, it is of course sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, which makes it easier to incorporate into your baking and decorating without changing the flavors too much. Sanding sugar sprinkles just add a nice bit of sweetness with the tiniest bit of a crunch in every bite. This type of sugar is probably more versatile in the kitchen than you might have thought. Just to bring that point home, we are going to mention just a few ways that sanding sugar sprinkles can be used in a professional kitchen for baking and decorating.

Over Cakes & Cupcakes
Instead of using your normal multi-colored sprinkles for your cakes and cupcakes, you could use sanding sugar sprinkles on top of your freshly frosted baked goods. It is pretty similar since both options add some colorful, small pieces of sugary bites on top of your cakes for decoration, but sanding sugar provides a slightly different effect. It adds some shine and a different texture to the frosted cake which changes the appearance in a great way. Just the same as you would apply ordinary sprinkles to your cakes or cupcakes, shake your sanding sugar sprinkles over the frosting in any color or colors you like.

Subtle Shimmer
Sprinkles are normally known for their bright, fun colors, but they can also come in a transparent option that has its own uses too. Clear sanding sugar sprinkles are perfect for creating a subtle shimmery effect on top of baked goods. You can use this over some of your unfrosted treats like turnovers and muffins to create a little shimmer over them. Just sprinkle them on top of your baked goods before they are cooked and the sugar will adhere itself to the surface without melting away.

Add Color to Cookies
This method is similar to the previous one but it allows you to have some fun with color while you are at it. Sanding sugar sprinkles make a great decoration for simple sugar cookies by adding some sparkle and color to an otherwise plain looking treat. Just sprinkle the colors you want on top of the dough and watch the flecks of color make your work stand out.

Although we listed out a few ways to use your sanding sugar sprinkles in baking and decorating, there are actually many more ways you can use this fun ingredient in your kitchen. We really recommend just picking up some sanding sugar sprinkles in an assortment of colors and playing around with them in your recipes so you can see the full extent of their versatility. You can go to to shop for these sprinkles and test them out in your kitchen. Give these ideas a try and see what else they can do.

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