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The Benefits and Versatility of Organic Beeswax

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Ever heard of the expression, “That’s none of your beeswax?” It’s a commonly used phrase to state that something isn’t your business, but have you ever wondered what beeswax is? Beeswax, in the simplest description, is a wax produced by honeybees. But beeswax is actually much more than that and is made up of hundreds of different compounds. This miracle product is made up mostly of organic alkanes, acids, esters, polyesters, and hydroxy esters.

That does sound quite scientific, but that’s because it is. Honeybees secrete this wax from their abdomens while they work to produce honeycomb and honey. These tiny little honeybees are hard workers, as from day one are working to build a hive and provide for their Queen bee. As a result, we are given the wonderful product known as beeswax.

Over the years, beeswax has transformed into a very useful ingredient that poses many benefits for the skin and for your health. Beeswax is a naturally organic product, being that it is produced by honeybees and harvested from the honeycomb. You can usually find beeswax in a lot of your day-to-day health and skincare products.

Cosmetically, beeswax has been shown to be extremely moisturizing and has been shown to condition, soothe, and calm the skin. It can also naturally exfoliate, repair damaged/dry skin, diminish the appearance of any signs of aging, and even provide a long-lasting barrier against any harmful pollutants that come from the environment.

Organic beeswax, much like honey, is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and chock-full of antioxidants to prevent ailments and boost your immune system.

The great thing about beeswax is its overall versatility. Not only can you find beeswax in everyday products like body lotions, sunscreens, and even your makeup, you can also find beeswax in a slew of your favorite aromatherapy products.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of beeswax candles. This is because beeswax has a high melting point and provides a slow, long, clean burn for a candle. Uniquely enough, candles containing organic beeswax can also give off a brighter flame and could possibly perpetuate the ideas and thoughts of a healthy mind and body.

Beeswax has historically been used in many ancient homeopathic medicines and has evolved into cosmetic and therapeutic applications. That is why Savannah Bee Company, the lovers of all things honey and honeybee-related, have an amazing line of beeswax products for you to try.

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At Savannah Bee Company, you can try all different kinds of products that contain beeswax. If you’re interested in the cosmetic side of organic beeswax, try out their many lotions, balms, and salves. If you are particularly interested in trying products for your home containing beeswax, check out their wonderful line of beeswax candles that come in many different scents and sizes.

No matter what you are looking for when it comes to beeswax, Savannah Bee Company has you covered. Check out their website at to explore all of their honey and beeswax products.

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