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Use Sweetex Icing Shortening for All of Your Icings

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It’s common for baking to be associated with science and art. Recipes can be considered formulas and crafting a pastry or decorating a cake can definitely be considered an art. Baking is one of those things that can be appreciated but also underappreciated at the same time. There is so much work that goes into each different type of baked good, yet some people underestimate that when they walk into their local bakery to find shelves packed with their favorite treats.

Many people resort to baking as a favorite hobby and some even take it a bit farther and make it their career. There are so many things that go into baking, especially when baking cakes. Cakes are a universally loved bakery item that has a lot of symbolism behind them. Cakes are usually spotted at celebratory events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many other celebrations.

Depending on the person, some people enjoy the cake more than the icing, and some love mounds of icing on top of their fluffy cakes. Buying a cake from a bakery or a cake place is definitely worth the price. You can’t get the same type of cake from a Betty Crocker cake mix.

Do you ever wonder what makes professional cakes look and taste so much better than homemade? Do you ever notice how the icing on some cakes seems so perfectly placed on top of cakes without melting? That answer may come down to one simple ingredient. That ingredient being icing shortening.

What is Icing Shortening?

Shortening is a common ingredient that has graced many professional and residential kitchens for years. This product is made with 100% oil and sometimes animal fat. More commonly, it’s usually made with purely hydrogenated oils like soybean oil or palm oil. Back in the day, shortening was used for many different purposes like frying and baking. Now, shortening has become synonymous with baking.

The appeal of shortening is its ability to remain solid at room temperature. This is great for baking because many cakes will remain moist but solid. In more professional kitchens, like bakeries and cake shops. Shortening is more commonly used to make icings and frostings.

By adding shortening to cake icing, it allows the icing to hold its shape and remain intact no matter the circumstance. Usually, you will find icing shortening being used in bakeries, which is slightly different.

The only difference is that this shortening contains 100% hydrogenated oils with some emulsifiers that keep icing smooth and creamy. This type of icing shortening allows air to be whipped into it, creating higher volume, which means more icing per batch. This can save time and money, which is a lifesaver in some bakeries.

A great brand for this method of icing making is Sweetex icing shortening. This is zero grams trans fat soy-based shortening that is specifically developed for high ratio cakes. High ratio shortening is made to have no moisture whatsoever. This gives cakes and icings an amazing texture and delicious flavor.

Sweetex icing shortening provides no unpleasant waxy mouth feel like other lesser qualities frostings and cakes. If you are a baker and wondering where you can purchase this amazing product, look no further than Stover & Company.

Why Stover & Company?

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