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What is Citric Acid Good For and Where Can You Get it in Bulk?

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Citric acid is a common ingredient found in a wide variety of products, ranging from personal care to everyday foods. If you are in the business of crafting your own soaps, bath bombs, and other bath products, you may be wondering where you can purchase large amounts of this important ingredient for your formulations.

Why would you want to buy citric acid in bulk? For starters, this is one of those ingredients that are extremely versatile. When it comes to creating various kinds of personal care products, you always want to have some of this plant-based ingredient on hand. Below you will find some information on this incredible ingredient and where you can find plenty of it for your own needs.

What is Citric Acid Used For in Personal Care Products?
Our area of interest here isn’t for using citric acid in food products, although this is certainly one use for it. This plant-based substance is often used to provide a citrusy flavor to many common foods.

However, it serves other purposes as well. In many different kinds of formulas, citric acid is used to control the pH. For those of you who are new to the realm of soap-making and the creation of various lotions and shampoos, this is critical. During the process of creating any kind of bath product that will make contact with your skin or hair and that is designed to provide certain cleansing or moisturizing benefits, you need to be mindful of the pH at all times.

Without the proper pH balance, the end product will simply not be as effective as it should be. When you hear about a personal care product that is “pH balanced,” what they mean is that the substance won’t throw off the delicate balance of your skin or hair, which could lead to a myriad of problems, including dryness, irritation, and other issues. To be healthy, you need to use products that are crafted with the right pH in mind.

Citric acid is essentially a pH balancing agent that has the benefit of adding smoothing and natural preservative properties to formulas as well. Because it is natural and wholly plant-based, this substance acts beneficially upon the skin and is safe for most skin types.

Where Can You Find Bulk Citric Acid That’s High-Quality?
Of course, you don’t want to use just any citric acid that’s floating around out there for sale. If you intend on creating the best possible products for your customers (or yourself!), you will want to select only the finest ingredients.

If you are into soapmaking at scale, you absolutely need to check out MakeYourOwn.buzz. Nowhere else will you find quite the selection of high-quality goods, including bulk citric acid and other ingredients that are often used in soap-making, such as essential oils, soap bases, and plant butters.

At MakeYourOwn.buzz, you will find a great quality food grade citric acid available in a wide range of sizes, including bulk bags, and even pallets, if you operate a large business and need an ample supply of quality ingredients on hand with which to formulate.

When creating your own bath bombs or any kind of bath product, you always want to go that extra distance to find ingredients that are of a higher grade, as this is what will help you create products that are truly worth using. One of the secrets to creating high-quality products is starting with great ingredients. At MakeYourOwn.buzz, you are sure to find all of the ingredients you need in order to make products that your customers will love.

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