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What You Should Know Before Using Chefmaster Candy Color

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Successfully coloring your frostings and candy is an important skill to have in candy making or cake decorating. It helps you to make your treats fit a variety of styles and themes so they look more appealing to the eye and add some excitement to an ordinarily neutral-colored baked good. In order to color your food properly, you will want to have the right materials on hand. Food coloring is not a one size fits all sort of product. You need to make sure you are using the right one for the right occasion. That is why it is important to have several bottles of Chefmaster Candy Color on hand at all times. It will only make your job easier for you.

What Type of Food Coloring Is Chefmaster Candy Color?

Chefmaster Candy Color is a type of oil-based food coloring that is used to change the colors of fat-based ingredients such as chocolate, candy, frosting, and compound coatings. When working with these oil or fat-based ingredients in baking and cake decorating, you need to be sure that you are using oil-based products like Chefmaster Candy Color and not water-based food coloring because water and fats do not integrate into each other evenly as you would need them to.

If you tried to use water-based food coloring to dye melted chocolate, you will find the chocolate getting thicker and grittier by the second. The chocolate would seize up on you and turn into something unworkable, sending you right back to square one. If it helps, remember that oil and water don’t mix. You should always turn to oil-based food coloring when working with things like hard candy and chocolate.

How to Use an Oil Based Food Coloring

As long as you remember when it is time to bring out the oil-based coloring, you should find no problems working with candy and chocolate. Chefmaster Candy Color and other oil-based colorings are rather easy to use. While the candy you are using (e.g. white candy wafers) is in its melted state, you simply add a few drops of your food coloring and mix it in until you see the candy’s new color. At that point, you are like an artist mixing your paints for the canvas. Take a good look at what the color is turning out to be and see if it is the exact color you wanted. If not, then add a few more drops and mix them in again, or add drops of a different color to blend them together and get a new, custom color.

This is good to do when you are looking for a very specific color or when you have only a few bottles of color and you need them to make any color in between. Once the color looks about right, you are free to use that melted candy for whatever you want. Pour it into candy molds, dip your cake pops into the bowl, or scoop it into a piping bag to form designs on a sheet tray. You can decorate your treats anyway you can imagine using your freshly colored candy.

Whether you have years of experience working in a professional kitchen, or just started your bakery business recently, products like the Chefmaster Candy Color can help you do your job right. Whenever you plan on working with melted chocolates or candy compounds, you will want a few shades of Candy Color around. Stover & Company can keep you stocked on your Candy Color and Liqua Gel products by Chefmaster, so remember to add the colors your kitchen needs to the shopping cart.

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