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Why Choose Stover & Company as Your Bakery Distributor

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Owning and running your own bakery is anything but a “cakewalk.” It requires constant maintenance, meticulous financial adherence, and customer service. And that’s not even including your constant ordering of ingredients and baking outstanding treats for your customers! In summation, it’s exhausting and can be overwhelming at times.

However, there can be some saving graces amongst all of this hard work and dedication: the right outside assistance. One such helper can be your bakery products distributor.

By hiring the right bakery products distributor, you can rest easy and even make more time for other tasks you may have on your plate. However, it’s important that you choose the right distributor. This is because, if you do not, it can end up leading to added unnecessary stress along with taking away more of your precious time.

If you place your trust in Stover & Company, though, this situation will not be the case. They pride themselves on their outstanding products and services because they know just how important their role plays in your business. But why exactly should you rely on them over other distributors?

Wide Range of Quality Ingredients
The most important attribute of any distributor is its products. They need to be of the highest quality, but this is especially true for bakery owners. High-quality ingredients mean high-quality treats!

Stover & Company has a wide selection of ingredients that are premium and highly regarded as top-of-the-line in the bakery industry. Here are just some of the name brands they offer:

? ASM Chocolate

? Barry Callebaut

? Domino Sugar

? David’s Cookies

? General Mills

? Karo

? Keebler

? Merckens

? Nutella

? Pillsbury

? Sara Lee

This is in no way a cumulative list, but it is just a semblance of the brands they have available to their customers.

Not only do they have the best brands on the market, but they also have all of the ingredients you could ever need in your bakery: flour, sugar, melting chocolate, fillings, shortening, dairy products, mousse, and so much more!

Abundance of Supplies
In order to properly create your divine baked creations, you will of course need the right supplies to get the job done. For just one example, can you imagine baking muffins without a muffin tin? Definitely not!

So that you make your baked goods perfectly, Stover & Company has everything you need to make your baked goods the best they can be. They have all kinds of supplies, such as doilies, pastry bags, cake drums, foil pans, wax paper, cupcake inserts– the list goes on and on!

Not only do they have the right supplies to make your creations happen, but they also have the right products to add the most stunning of final touches. After all, baking is about both taste and sight. Their decorating supplies will really “wow” you and your customers!

Their decorations include items such as icing, fondant, candy oil coloring, buttercream, frosting, sprinkles, and so on. Whatever aesthetic you are looking to achieve in your desserts, you can achieve with their decoration supplies!

Order Online and Contact Them in Any Way You Need
One of the most enticing aspects of this company is that you can order anything and everything you need with the click of a button. That way, you can order what you need when you can fit it into your schedule, not just when the distributor’s business hours are.

On that note, you can contact Stover & Company any way you see fit, whether it be by phone call, email, or their contact page. They are happy to help you. Be sure to give them a call at (724) 274-6314 to see how they can become your new and dependable bakery products distributor!

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