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best Looking to Buy a Camping Knife?

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With spring just around the corner, many outdoor enthusiasts are gearing up for some camping trips. If you love camping and enjoying the great outdoors, then you know just how important that having a good camping knife can be. If you are looking to buy a camping knife, then you need to consider a few factors to make sure that you are getting the best knife for the job.

Not all knives are created equal and some are a better fit for camping than others. Ultimately the requirements for the knife that you bring with you are determined by how you camp. If you are planning on backpacking into the wilderness, then you need a knife that you could rely on in a survival situation. However, if you are just driving to a campsite with family and friends, then you may only need a simple folding knife to cover the tasks you will encounter.

No matter how you camp, a fixed blade knife is always the most reliable option. Folding knives are definitely convenient for little tasks, but sometimes camping requires knives that can handle tough jobs such as chopping or batoning wood. If you are ready to buy a fixed blade knife, keep these things in mind.

Size – Small knives can handle fine tasks and big knives have plenty of chopping power, but if you don’t want to carry two knives, then you will have to find an option in the middle. A knife that is roughly 5 inches to 7 inches in size so it can handle chopping tasks while it is still possible to choke up on the blade for detailed work.

●Steel – The steel used to construct your knife is also important. The two most common choices are stainless steel and carbon steel blades. Stainless steel has the obvious advantage of resisting corrosion, but it can take longer to sharpen. Carbon steel sharpens quickly and holds an edge well, making it a favorite option for many outdoor enthusiasts.

●Shape – Your blade’s design will also have a big impact on performance. Two of the most popular shapes for a survival knife or outdoor knife are the drop point and spear point blade shapes. Both of these knives have strong points and a curved slicing belly, making them extremely versatile for a range of camping tasks.

Handle – Finally, you need to consider the handle on your new knife. Different handle scales have different strengths and if you are going to buy a camping knife, you need to think about if you want natural or synthetic handles. Natural materials like wood are attractive, while synthetic handles are extremely resistant to water and impacts.

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