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Where Should I Place My Window Sill Planters?

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There are many benefits to having a healthy collection of house plants. Homes with some green sprinkled here and there tend to look more lively and wholesome, and plants tend to improve the mood of dwellers as well. And then there is the added benefit that comes with planting your own herbs for cooking. Nothing beats the aroma and flavor of homegrown parsley.

However, those with reduced living spaces, like families living in small apartments, might feel constrained when trying to build a collection of potted plants due to lack of space or sunlight exposure.

So, what’s the best way to introduce plants in my home and ensure they are healthy?

One way is to take advantage of window sill planters. They make it extremely easy to give your home that touch of green you want, whether you live in a small apartment or if you have a multi-level home.

Window sill plant boxes allow you to enhance your vistas with minimal expense and effort. Combined with creative decors, these boxes can really add life not only in terms of visual appearance, but also through the refreshing smells of herbs and leafy greens. For those who like to take advantage of outdoor gardening during summer, their window sill planters can double as props for such activities.

However, education is key, you have to know your plants and their sunlight preferences before you condemn your plants to a slow scorching death. Let us give you some pointers that will help you become a better gardener and create your own vegetable oasis in no time.

One of the most important factors of home gardening is minding your plants’ cardinal position. Cardinal position means that a plant should only be planted in a window sill that faces South, North or East.

Why? Because plants require sunlight to perform photosynthesis and grow healthily. They also need to be shielded from harsh winds as much as possible since strong winds can dry up foliage, the same way we humans also prefer less wind inside the house as it makes things colder during winter.

If your plant cannot stand direct sunlight, like lush golden photos and maiden ferns, it is better to locate them facing north. Usually, plants that go in a north-facing window sill planter are species that can stand a fair amount of neglect.

On the contrary, plants that demand high quantities of sunlight must be placed facing south. If you like fruit-bearing plants, you might enjoy the company of dwarf citrus. Its strong and fragrant scent will fill up your room with refreshing citrus aroma. For those who enjoy colorful flowers, geraniums, hibiscus, and jasmine plants are great options for sunny window sills.

West and east-facing windows always get a healthy dose of both direct and indirect light. Window sill planters facing east benefit from the morning sun and usually protect your plants from the scorching noon. Among our favorites are peace lilies and polka dot plants. But there are plenty of species that benefit from balanced sun-shade periods and bring all the benefits of having plants in your home.

However, you need high-quality and great-looking window sill planters that can bring the best of your plants and your home. We recommend visiting H Potter and browsing their exquisite window boxes collection today! If you have any questions, give them a call or text at 208-640-4206.

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