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New Homes near Heritage Pointe

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The beautiful hamlet of Heritage Pointe is a sight to behold in Alberta, Calgary, within Foothills County. This stunning community is located close to the southern boundary of Calgary. Anyone who has visited Heritage Pointe must have had the thought about how lovely it would be to live near Heritage Pointe.

Well, now RareBuilt Homes gives you the perfect opportunity to choose your own dream home from the many new homes near Heritage Pointe.

Welcome to the dreamy world of Pine Springs, an exclusive community of just 22 homes designed and developed by RareBuilt Homes in the heart of luxury and nature. Pine Springs is the new luxury destination in Southwest Calgary, close to the Alberta Foothills. This new community is equally as beautiful as the neighboring community of Heritage Pointe.

Pine Springs – An Exclusive Address Of Only 22 Houses
Offering only a limited range of 22 houses, this is the go-to address to have in Calgary. When you look at these new homes near Heritage Pointe, you will be blown away by the sheer size of these generously built properties. The new homes near Heritage Pointe of Pine Springs are massive in size, ranging from 0.24 acres to 0.40 acres. Not only does Pine Springs provide an exclusive lifestyle but also customized upscale living for all residents.

Enjoy The Alberta Foothills
And what better place to choose to live in than the Alberta Foothills! The highlight of looking at the new homes near Heritage Pointe is that this is a stunning region to live in.

The terrain here is close to the majestic Rocky Mountains, owing to which the Foothills climate is very pleasant and quite different from the rest of the region. You will find many different types of wildlife in this region, and if you are a nature lover, there is so much natural beauty to surround yourself with.

Surrounded By Amazing Views From All Sides
The exclusivity of an elevated and luxurious lifestyle is what is on offer at Pine Springs. The location of this beautiful community is sure to take your breath away. Pine Springs is situated just steps away from Southwest Calgary, very close to the beautiful Heritage Pointe hamlet, and even closer to the southern Alberta Foothills. This superb location lends it some of the best views in the world. You would not be disappointed to invest in the new homes near Heritage Pointe when you look at the awe-inspiring views all around.

Enjoying Golfing At Your Doorstep
Pine Springs was constructed keeping in mind the love of golf in most Canadians. If you are enthusiastic about golfing, then you will simply love living in Pine Springs. These new homes near Heritage Pointe ensure that you can simply step out of the community and enjoy a game of golf at the drop of a hat.

Aside from being convenient for people who love to golf regularly, living near a golf course offers some of the most impressive views of the pretty terrain that Pine Springs sits on.

Apart from golfing, this community sits in close proximity to everything that you would need to run a household. From local shopping centers to many well-known restaurants and other amenities, you will find everything close by. So if you are looking to buy new homes near Heritage Pointe, Pine Springs would be the perfect option.

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