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3 Brands in Golf Driver Shafts for Sale You Need to Consider

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Is there something off about one of your drivers, causing shot errors or making it difficult for you to reach accuracy at certain ranges? It could be due to form and training, it could be due to grip, and it could, of course, even be due to the club head’s design.

It could also be the shaft you’ve paired with your driver. A shaft that is too long, not long enough, too heavy, too stiff, or not stiff enough can all present unique problems that will adversely affect your swing.

If you’re looking for top quality in golf-driver shafts for sale, don’t miss a chance to check out each of these top performers.

Project X by True Temper
Project X, which is produced under True Temper, makes some of the highest quality graphite shafts in the industry. Two of the top lines under the Project X umbrella are the HZRDUS and EvenFlow Lines, which capitalize on advanced technology and precision engineering to deliver on player expectations.

The golf driver shafts for sale in the HZRDUS line are largely designed for players with higher swing speeds; perfect for the “aggressive swinger” as they call it. Highlights from the line include the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX, which is ultra-stiff and made with Aerospace-grade materials, and the Smoke Blue RDX, which utilizes special HexTowTM Carbon Fibers to create a softer midsection that maximizes shaft load and sensitivity simultaneously.

Fujikura Golf Driver Shafts for Sale
Fujikura is another elite name among golf driver shafts for sale. Since 1995, they’ve been producing some of the top lines on the market, featuring advanced materials, such as high modulus graphite weaves and technology to improve stiffness and loading.

Highlights from Fujikura’s line of golf shafts include the Ventus HB line as well as the Speeder Evolution VII and Motore X lines. The Ventus line in particular has enjoyed immense popularity. It utilizes Fujikura’s VeloCore technology and a superior graphite design that creates a thinner, stiffer, stronger shaft that improves loading and sensitivity while stabilizing the club heads on and through impact.

Mitsubishi Golf Driver Shafts
Mitsubishi is another immensely popular producer of golf driver shafts for sale. Through a commitment to developing advanced technological features and using nothing but the highest quality raw materials, Mitsubishi has produced a range of golf shafts that are light, thin, and which load and transfer energy smoothly and with exceptional stability, all without adversely impacting sensitivity.

Among the best-received driver shafts from Mitsubishi’s portfolio have been the Diamana PD-Series and the TENSEITM 10k Pro White shafts. The Diamana PD-Series Shafts are made with high modulus MR70 carbon fiber with a dual-phase XLINKTM Resin System. These shafts, in particular, are very stiff and designed to deliver low launch, low spin golf ball flights. The TENSEITM 10k Pro White Shafts boast a multi-material concept with superior carbon fiber material and a tighter, more consistent weave for better loading and greater sensitivity.

Choose the Right Shafts with the Help of Dallas Golf Company
Not sure where to start in your search for a new golf shaft for your driver? Don’t jump the gun, because as stated it might not be the shaft. Get the help of a professional golf associate at Dallas Golf Company, online at, or in-person in their shop in Dallas, Texas.

They’ll help you get started identifying where you can make the fix, and if you visit their shop, you can get some hands-on help via their professional club fitting services. They also carry all the top brands in the industry, such as Aldila, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Project X, and countless more. Check out their website and get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 if you need additional help.

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