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The 2021 Nautalai: A DeMarini Senior Softball Bat That’s Built to Win

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Softball and baseball equipment companies are guilty of a similar transgression if you can call it guilt. They expend the better part of their resources and genius talent to develop bats that outperform themselves and the competition, year over year. DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Easton, and others are prime culprits here.

One such headline-maker is the 2021 DeMarini Nautalai Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat. This DeMarini Senior Softball bat is engineered to outperform its competitors and outshine the DeMarini bats that preceded it.

The only thing that’s “standard” about this bat is the two and a quarter-inch barrel; every other bat feature has been refined to deliver consistent performance and amazing “pop” on contact with the ball.

The barrel itself is made with DeMarini’s Continuous Fiber Barrel Wall construction that is stronger, tougher, and more reliable than ever before. It’s well known that composite bats need to “stretch” and be broken in before they will key in on their best performance, and it’s also believed that composite bats only have a given lifespan before the fibers wear. This type of barrel wall construction makes a better, stronger, more consistent bat with a longer lifespan.

Speaking of performance, when you step up to the plate with a bat like this, you can step up with confidence. Its balanced swing weighting will serve as a real boon to precision hitters everywhere, and its bat performance factor (BPF) of 1.21 leaves little to be desired. As we said, the “pop” and performance of this bat leave little room for improvement – but let’s see what DeMarini comes out with next year.

That BPF means that the bat offers .21 more rebound than the standard BPF of 1.00, which means that despite its balanced swing weighting, you can push a lot of power through the swing. Pair that with a tough, highly compressible composite barrel and you have a bat that’s built to win.

It’s also made with a ZnX Alloy handle, which is industry-setting for stiffness. The ZnX Alloy handles that you can find on select DeMarini bats are impressively stiff while allowing for excellent sensitivity through the handle; this enables the batter to drive more power through the swing without loss of feel or sensitivity.

It’s the kind of bat that slowpitch softball players can swing with price and confidence. It packs features that slow pitch players of all preferences and skill levels can appreciate; an extremely tough, highly compressible barrel built for long-term performance, an impressive BPF, a stiffer, yet responsible handle, and balanced swing weighting. It doesn’t come with a manufacturer warranty, but with the peace of mind of heightened performance, you won’t even be thinking about replacing this bat anytime soon.

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