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What You Should Know About the Use of Carbon Fiber in TaylorMade’s Stealth Plus Driver

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TaylorMade, the first company to produce a “wood” that wasn’t made of wood, the TaylorMade Original, which was made of metal, has broken ground again.


This time it’s in the pioneering use of carbon fiber instead of metal, which continues to push the envelope of what performance we thought possible in golf drivers.

Always visionary, select models like the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver, are made with a unique combination of carbon fiber materials that are lighter than titanium and comparable in strength, improving energy transfer characteristics as well as launch and spin. Here’s a high-level view of what you should know.

About the 60X Carbon Twist Face
The hallmark feature of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver is a 60X Carbon Twist face that is made from 60 layers of carbon fiber sheets, strategically arranged to improve consistency, all while boosting energy transfer characteristics over a wider surface of the club face.

This creates a larger sweet spot and improves smash factor, encouraging faster ball speeds off the tee, more often.

Surprisingly, even as performance increases, this new material loses nothing to its titanium predecessors. In fact, it gains. The carbon fiber material used here is 40% lighter than the titanium that TaylorMade has used in the past, and it is just as durable. It also offers the same level of stability as titanium, while delivering greater flexibility.

This club face is covered with a Nanotexture covering that improves durability and traction. This is a unique polyurethane cover that improves the texture of the face, delivering exactly the traction needed at contact.

The trick here is that a smooth face is suspect to damage and scratches, and in wet conditions, a smooth club face might not deliver the desired conditions. The great thing about this nanotexture technology is that it doesn’t just improve traction in adverse conditions, it improves the overall durability of the clubface, making it more consistent and more durable.

Through all of these considerations, you might be wondering now how TaylorMade has compromised in order to provide personalizability for this driver. In that they have not slacked, either. The TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver has a sliding weight track with a 10g weight that can be positioned as needed to customize your shot shape.

Having heard all of this good news about carbon fiber, there might be one thing remaining in your mind: sound performance.

Not meaning that as a jest or a play on words. We’re talking about acoustic feedback here. The “ping” is so iconic in golf, and so desirable, that it has leant its name to the eponymous brand of the same: PING Golf.

Without the ping, a driver just isn’t offering what it could. And titanium clubheads furnish delectable acoustic feedback – that much we know from the engineering accomplishments of the last 20 years.

Some early carbon fiber clubs were discontinued, perhaps in part because they produced dull, lifeless sounds on impact. But make no mistake about it. The TaylorMade Stealth Plus delivers. It’s been optimized with internal stiffening ribs and the curvature of the face and the overall shape of the clubhead have been optimized, refined, and refined again to produce a perfect “ping” that you won’t believe isn’t coming from titanium.

Getting Ready to Get a TaylorMade Stealth Plus?
If you want to learn more about TaylorMade Stealth Plus drivers, visit Dallas Golf Company or get in touch with them directly at 800-955-9550. Their professionals will answer any of your questions before you buy and they can even make personalized recommendations if you want them. A carbon wood may not be for everyone, but if there’s one for you (whether it’s a Stealth or not) they’ll help you find it.

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