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Best Small Gaming PCs That Can Play Today’s AAA Titles

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Despite their reputation for being rather large, gaming computers come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. While larger tower sizes do allow for better airflow and more components, they don’t necessarily equate to better performance automatically. PCs with a small form factor are actually quite versatile, which is perhaps why they are as popular as ever.

If you are wondering where you can find the best small gaming PCs, this resource will help point you where you need to look, as well as provide some pointers on what to look for if you want a computer that can play the most resource-intensive games regardless of size.

What Makes a Gaming PC Powerful?

A massive gaming computer decked out with dual graphics cards and a ton of LED lights is certainly impressive, but you don’t necessarily need this kind of PC in order to play the games you want at optimal framerates. On the contrary, you can pack quite a bit of power into a small form factor, granted that the tower itself is designed properly and that the components all get adequate cooling.

It’s not the size of the tower that determines computing power, after all, it’s meat and bones inside that count. The processor, GPU, RAM, and other components are what will ultimately come together to bring you an amazing gaming experience. In the hands of a capable brand that knows how to build powerful and efficient gaming systems, you don’t have to worry about the smaller size impacting performance in any way.

Great Performance and Convenience in One

Small gaming PCs combine the performance you need to play today’s latest titles with a convenient size that makes these computers easy to move around. Small-sized gaming PCs are great if you need to take your rig to an event or simply over a friend’s house without having to lug an oversized tower around. They are also helpful if you need the desk space, as a smaller PC is easier to incorporate into a crowded workstation.

The best small gaming PCs don’t sacrifice in aesthetics either. If you get your gaming PC from a reputable brand such as CLX that knows how to build impressive machines with an amazing degree of power and artistic style, your PC will stand out despite its smaller stature.

If the added convenience of a small PC is something you are interested in, CLX is definitely where you want to shop for yours. They are a company that excels at putting together luxury-quality gaming rigs that offer the best possible experience, no matter what size and price point you are looking for. With an impressive number of custom configurations and excellent financing options, this is the best place online to look for your next powerhouse gaming PC.

No matter what AAA title you want to dive into, you shouldn’t have to worry about issues like lag or framerates. Play the way you want to play and experience the benefits of a small form factor PC by shopping at CLX.

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