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How To Put Together the French-Inspired Bedroom of Your Dreams

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The casual elegance of French interior design holds an enduring sort of appeal that has captivated many homeowners. Refined yet effortless, it’s quietly expressive, reflecting the tastes of the person living there without giving too much away.

Little wonder, then, that it’s such a popular choice for the bedroom, by far the most personal space in any home. Drawing from French inspiration means leaning into romance and serenity–both being qualities you definitely want in your most private of areas. Here are a few design ideas that can help you bring the French-inspired bedroom of your dreams to life:

Choose a bed that makes a statement
No French-inspired bedroom would be complete without a luxurious bed that reflects those design aesthetics. It’ll take up the most space in the room, and will likely be the first thing anyone sees. Choosing a beautiful bed first will also make it easier to decorate the rest of your French-inspired bedroom–it’s a fixture that’s easy to take visual cues from.

Consider the gorgeous Sophia bed from Eloquence, available in Shell Velvet and Lime-Washed Oak Finish, White Linen and Silver Two-Tone Finish, Fog Linen and Antique White Finish, and the tufted Fog Linen and Gold Two-Tone Finish. It’s a French Louis XV-style demi-corbeille bed that is inspired by a genuine European antique and carefully hand-carved and hand-painted. With its sloping serpentine curves and plush fabrics, it evokes romance at first sight and is definitely a bed fit for royalty.

Embrace signs of aging and imperfections
French interior design is thoughtful and sentimental, as the French tend to hold on to items and furnishings for as long as they can. There’s less of a focus on perfection, and value is given to things that possess a visible patina.

The result is a home that may be far from pristine, but is lived-in, comfortable, and homey. The easiest way to replicate this effect in your home is to hold on to what you already have and resist the urge to throw things out just because of a minor imperfection. Alternatively, you can invest in vintage furniture and antiques (such as the ones available on Eloquence) to decorate your bedroom.

Celebrate neutrals
The French decorate their homes much in the same way that they dress: they favor minimalism and restraint, and never want to look like they’re trying too hard. Nothing is ever loud; they steer clear of exotic prints or shouty colors and tend to stick to the classics.

A neutral color palette is a perfect canvas that allows your other furnishings and decorative items to shine. It’s also soft and soothing, which is the mood you want in a bedroom. Plain white walls may feel boring at first, but you can add dimension and contrast with accents in other subdued colors, such as gray, sage green, or navy blue. Layer these shades throughout the room to create texture.

Adopting a laissez-faire attitude is perhaps the most important thing to remember when you’re aiming for a French-inspired bedroom. Don’t overthink it, and do as the French do! For more design inspiration, visit Eloquence now.

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