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The Amethyst 7 Chakra Healing Pendant: How Can it Heal Your Chakras

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Crystals are one of the most rewarding natural sources of healing energy on our planet. They offer an abundance of remedying qualities, such as relieving stress, depression, anxiety, blocking negative energies, bringing good luck, and so much more. Unfortunately, not enough people recognize and harness their powers to assist them in their daily lives.

One such powerful crystal is amethyst. It has long been known for its natural healing powers and has been used for centuries in many religions, such as Buddhism and even Catholicism.

A great way of always reaping the benefits of this incredible crystal is by having it on your person all day, every day. That’s where the amethyst 7 chakra healing pendant from Energy Artist Julia comes in. But what exactly can you expect from wearing this precious necklace? Let’s look at just some of the benefits your chakras and overall body will gain from this mystical pendant.

Open All Seven Chakras
If you aren’t feeling like you are living your fullest life or something is in the way of life enjoyment, it’s possible one or more of your chakras are blocked. There are seven major chakras in the body from top to bottom: crown, third eyes, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. These seven chakras are the main energy centers. When all seven are opened, then energy is able to flow through all of them without a hitch, ultimately bringing you optimal peace, security, and tranquility.

However, when these are blocked, numerous issues can ensue in the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. People with blocked chakras can experience problems such as headaches, gastrointestinal, anxiety, depression, romantic issues, and so on. The amethyst 7 chakra healing pendant works to open every one of your chakras to bring you closer to a happier and healthier life.

This gorgeous amethyst pendant also has round stones down its front that correspond with the appropriate chakra for optimal healing and opening. This is what you can expect for each of your chakras when wearing the amethyst 7 chakra healing pendant.

Crown Chakra
The amethyst stone at the top of the totem-like stacking of stones is for the crown chakra. This stone will lead to improved and higher wisdom.

Third Eye Chakra
The second stone, which is indigo iolite, is for the third eye chakra. This creates a more spiritual connection with the universe.

Throat Chakra
The third stone that is a stunning rainbow moonstone works for opening the throat chakra. This chakra will be opened when you notice that you have improved creativity, sensitivity, and intuition.

Heart Chakra
The green peridot is responsible for opening the heart chakra. When opening this vital chakra, you can experience incredible improvement in your relationships, whether they’re platonic, familial, or romantic. You’ll attract rewarding love and social connections.

Solar Plexus Chakra
The solar plexus chakra is located in your stomach. With yellow citrine, this chakra will be opened wide when you feel stronger self-love and compassion along with improved intellect.

Sacral Chakra
Orange carnelian applies to the opening of the sacral chakra. Upon opening this chakra, you will notice a palpable improvement in your sexuality and emotional connection.

Root Chakra
The red or purple red garnet is used for the root chakra. This chakra is vital for grounding yourself to mother Earth and self-empowerment. Once it’s opened, you will see vast improvement in these areas.

Not only will the amethyst 7 chakra healing pendant work diligently to open your chakras and heal you, it will be a stunning piece of jewelry to wear on nearly any occasion. Check out Energy Artist Julia’s energetic and blessed pieces of jewelry and art pieces to better improve your life. You and your chakras will be forever grateful.

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