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What Happens When You Have a Failed Emissions Inspection

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Every car and car owner has to go through it each and every year. The dreaded yearly inspection. Well, it may not be dreaded by everyone. But, if you have a feeling that you are going to need to shell out major cash to get your car fixed in order to pass your inspection. However, that scenario only really happens when you neglect to properly take care of your car periodically throughout the year.

Emissions testing is very important for cars and the environment. Emissions testing checks for a number of air pollutants that can go into the air via your car. Currently, only 32 out of the 50 states require this type of testing, so if you live in a state that requires an emissions test, here are some things that technicians will look for and what there is to do if you fail your test.

The first thing technicians will do is look to see if your car will pass an OBD test. This test measures the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine control module. This system needs to work properly so it can consistently monitor the catalytic converter and exhaust system. This system also monitors the fuel system, engine, and transmission.

There are four gases that an emissions test will check in your car’s exhaust. It will measure the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, oxygen, and nitrogen oxide that is coming out of your car.

So, what happens when your car fails an emissions test? This is no biggy and not worth much stress or worry because it can easily be fixed. There are a variety of issues that could ultimately lead to a failed emissions test. There can be a faulty fuel injector system, there could be an issue with the air injection system, the oxygen sensor could be faulty, you can even have leaks in the ignition system or the vacuum.

All of those issues can easily be fixed and your emissions test will then pass. But before then, you’ll need to find a trusty technician who will be able to fix a failed emissions inspection. Sometimes, the same people that can check your car for any issues with the emission cannot go ahead and also fix whatever is the problem, that is when you turn to your local repair team to fix the problem and get you back out on the road.

If you are in the Arizona area and are looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and affordable place to fix your failed emissions inspection, then head on over to Borst Automotive to get the job done. There, you can find knowledgeable and trained professionals that will easily and quickly fix whatever problem you have in your car.

The goal with every technician at Borst Automotive is to find the problem and fix it with no fuss. With locations in Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson, you are sure to find a Borst Automotive near you. Check out their website at for more information.

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