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Enjoy Better Performance and Superior Optical Focus with an LED Fog Light Kit

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Not every driver makes use of the fog lights that come with his or her vehicle, but those that do appreciate the additional specialty lighting. While not particularly useful for driving at speed, fog lights utilize longer-wavelength, warmer light and the lights themselves are set at a lower level and angle at the front of the vehicle so as to project beneath the layer of fog or mist that accumulates near the level of the road.

It is believed that the longer wavelength light, which is often deep, warm yellow, is better at cutting through smoke, mist, haze and fog, and because the lights are set below the other lights on the car and angled lower than them, they actually cut beneath any mist or smoke that overlays the road. This makes fog lights highly useful for proceeding at lower speeds in situations in which visibility is compromised.

However, aging technology like incandescent lights have their limits, among them being a shorter lifespan and lesser reliability than modern alternatives like LEDs. That being said, if you find a suitable LED replacement for your fog lights, you can enjoy the benefits of fog lights and mate them to the reliability and performance of LEDs.

Diode Dynamics provides a variety of LED fog light kits that are carefully, specifically designed to mount to a wide range of popular cars, trucks and other vehicles. Their Stage Series 3” SAE Fog Light Kits are engineered for reliability and performance.

Available in both SAE compliant driving and fog light patterns, these LED fog lights are made with TIR optical technology which focuses and directs all of the light output exactly where you need it, resulting in a focused beam of light that appears crisp and bright, with less glare and scattering. These light pods are available in white or yellow; Diode Dynamics’ true white LED chips produce a rich, deep yellow that is untinted by the “greenish” hue that many other yellow LED fog lights present. It’s perfect for accent lighting and just as suitable as functional fog lighting.

The kits, available at DiodeDynamics.com, come with the light pods themselves, DT adapters and even mounting brackets and hardware. You can see a list of vehicles with which these light pods are compatible on their website, where you’ll also find a convenient vehicle finder tool that will make it easier to select the right model for your car, truck or Jeep.

Their SS3 LED fog light kits are true plug and play solutions, requiring no intricate wiring, and the mounting kits that come with them are designed to mount to factory mounting points on a wide range of vehicles so you don’t need to make any cuts or alterations. They’re so easy to install and mount, you’ll be wondering why you never made the switch over to LED automotive lighting years ago – they’re longer lasting, brighter, and even more reliable.

Visit DiodeDynamics.com today to learn more about their LED fog light kits and other automotive LED technology. You can also get in touch with them directly at 314-205-3033 or by email at [email protected].

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