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Top 12 Uses for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

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For you proud owners of the finest out there – a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – you probably don’t need an anonymous review of sorts to tell you how useful they are. Whether you’re drawn to them for their utility or for their iconic image, here are 12 great uses for a Swiss Army Knife.

1. Food prep: One of the most important camp chores that every participates in to some degree or another. All Swiss Army Knives and tools have at least one blade, some two; these are ideal for cutting, dicing, slicing and spreading.

2. Strike a fire: You can easily use the spine of one of your Swiss Army Knife blades to scrape sparks from a ferro rod and create a fire.

3. Clean your teeth: Many Victorinox tools come with a plastic toothpick that will help enhance your camp or trail hygiene, especially if you don’t have a toothbrush on hand.

4. Remove splinters: In addition to a toothpick, many Swiss Army Knives have a pair of tweezers that are highly useful. One of the most commonly encountered problems in the shop or on the trail are dreaded splinters; these can be easily removed using this helpful tool!

5. Make small wooden tools: Spoons, tongs, forks, pot hangers and other useful tools can all be easily carved using the saws and knives that are included in the repertoire of most Victorinox tools. You can even use the included pliers and scissors to assist.

6. Cut wire and prepare traps: Many Swiss Army Knives come with pliers and wire-cutting jaws. Those that do are ideal for cutting snare wire, which, in addition to being used to make snares, can also be used in impromptu lashings, bindings and repairs of various sorts.

7. Open bottles or cans: Industrious individuals can use a fixed blade to open a bottle, but these handy little tools make those jobs a whole lot easier. Many Victorinox tools come with not only can and bottle openers but also with screwdrivers which can be used to pull corks.

8. Tighten loose screws: Most of these tools come with both phillips head and flathead screwdrivers. Having some machinery trouble? A loose screw compromising the ability of one of your other tools? Fixing it is a cinch when you have a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife on hand.

9. File down burrs: Tool handles and little pieces of metal that have uneven projects, burrs or rough surfaces are unpleasant to work with. Sometimes the only recourse is to develop a callus, but with the utility of a nail file or a metal file, you can remove these encumbrances.

10. Mend a broken seam or stitch: Models that come with an awl with a sewing eye can be used to punch holes and to mend broken stitching and busted seams.

11. Get a better look: Some of these little tools come with magnifying glasses. These are extremely useful for getting a close up look, such as when you’re examining a wood or trying to remove a splinter.

12. Bonus: alternative fire starting method: It’s not an easy task with such a small lens, but if you don’t have a ferro rod on hand you might even be able to conjure a fire using the same magnifying glass.

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