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Performance in Flush Mount LED Pods: Stage Series 3 Pods

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Everyone’s heard about the purported benefits of LED automotive lighting. They last longer than stock incandescent and halogen bulbs, they’re more reliable under adverse conditions, they start up right away, and they’re easy to maintain. The list goes on and on, well beyond this, and contains no shortage of draws that convince vehicle owners around the country to upgrade their cars, trucks and Jeeps with LED lighting.

Still, for all their advantages, it can be hard to find LEDs that will be easy to mount, that will work with your vehicle’s current electrical infrastructure, or that provide a high level of luminosity and performance. For those of you looking for flush mount LED pods, you can address each of these concerns and more in the Stage Series 3 LED Pods that are available at Diode Dynamics, which are compatible with flush mounting kits.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of auxiliary lights or backup lights, the Stage Series 3 (SS3) LED Light Pods will deliver. They’re available in a range of beam patterns, including SAE driving, SAE fog, flood, combo and spot beam patterns. Depending on the beam type, you can use these versatile LED pods as fog lights, auxiliary lights to supplement your high beams, or just as a work light that’s mounted to your vehicle.

They also feature what Diode Dynamics calls TIR options, also known as total internal reflection. This technology focuses and directs 100% of the light output exactly where you need it. The result is a beam of light that is better focused and appears brighter and clearer. Don’t let luminosity ratings fool you – the superior optical focus of Diode Dynamics’ Stages Series 3 LED Pods is a cut above.

These LED pods also come with the Deutsch-style connector on the back so you can do the wiring yourself or use a Deutsch DT wire harness. They’re easy to setup and wire and provide excellent performance and are reliable in a wide range of conditions – and the best part is you can install them as flush mount LED pods utilizing Diode Dynamics’ SS3 Flush Mount Mounting Kit.

While you will need to significantly modify your vehicle in order to effectively install these flush mount LED pods, Diode Dynamics offers a free, thorough installation guide on their website, which details the process from start to finish. Their installation guide actually has a template that you can use to mark the spaces on your vehicle where you will need to cut or drill, and could not be easier to use.

In addition, Diode Dynamics’ customer service sets the standard in their industry. If you need help choosing a pair of flush mount pods, have product specific questions, or would like some more information before you embark on a project to mount them to your vehicle, you can reach out to them for help.

You can learn more on their website, DiodeDynamics.com, but you can also get in touch with them directly at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected].

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