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A Powerful Gaming Desktop Tower That Can Handle The Latest Games

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While some retro-style games remain lightweight, the truth is that the bulk of the gaming industry is rapidly evolving and with each passing year, the requirements to play most new titles on optimal settings only increases.

If you want to play your favorite games on PC to their fullest extent and experience brand new AAA titles as well, you will need a powerful gaming desktop tower equipped with suitable components. Even if you don’t plan on playing competitively and only want to play these new titles in a casual manner with modest settings, you’re still going to need a gaming PC outfitted with the right hardware.

A Better Gaming Experience
Whether you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to gaming on PC or if you are just starting out and are transitioning from console, you’re likely aware that an ordinary office computer is not going to fly if you intend on seriously playing the latest games. While you may have no interest in playing games at max settings and uncapping your frames, you are still going to need a gaming desktop tower that has a powerful processor and a high-quality dedicated graphics card, along with at least 8GB of RAM, in order to play most newer games.

However, one of the benefits of investing in a powerful gaming PC is that you can experience the games you love on a whole new level. Rather than settling for lower quality graphics or console frame rates, a high-performance gaming computer will offer a smoother, more detailed and colorful experience, especially if you want to play on higher resolutions, including 4K.

Game studios are transforming the way we look at video games as a whole. The level of immersion in some newer titles is actually breathtaking. With rich, massive environments, fast-paced multiplayer action, beautifully rendered effects, and incredible amounts of texture and depth, it is easy to see why a higher quality computer would be necessary. There’s a lot that goes into current AAA games, and if you really want to play these titles optimally, your gaming tower needs to be up to par.

The Best Place Online to Find Powerful Gaming Desktop Towers
Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find high-quality gaming PCs. While you are unlikely to find computers like this in most typical department stores, you can easily shop for them online at CLX. They feature a wide range of incredible gaming computers that offer a true luxury experience for gamers.

Whether you are looking for a versatile mid tower that you can add components to later on down the road, or a full-featured professional gaming tower with liquid cooling and custom paint job, CLX delivers.

At CLX, you can use their online PC builder to swap out components or customize your gaming desktop tower exactly how you want it, so you can tailor your computer to the games you want to play, or simply create a behemoth PC that can play them all. The choice is yours.

Take a look at the selection of prebuilt gaming PCs at CLX and find the best one for your needs, or give them a call at 855-490-2569 for more information.

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