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An Effective Cruelty-Free Face Wash With Kaolin Clay

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It’s only natural to have high expectations when it comes to your face scrubs, cleansers, moisturizers, and other skincare products. Anything that has to be massaged into our face should be formulated with top-quality ingredients that are both gentle and effective.

Kaolin clay is one safe substance that is growing in usage lately, finding its way into a wide variety of skincare products. It is a white clay that is often used to cleanse the skin of excess oil. If you are interested in adding a high-quality cruelty-free face wash into your daily care routine, below you will find some helpful information on one particular product that’s not only full of such powerful ingredients, it’s also entirely ethical as well.

The Wonders of Kaolin Clay
What does kaolin clay do for the skin, exactly? While this is only one ingredient of many, this is one that is certainly worth highlighting. Kaolin, or kaolinite, is an all-natural mineral substance that just so happens to be quite effective at exfoliating the skin and eliminating oils and dirt.

It is for this reason that you often find kaolin clay used in face masks. These kinds of skincare products remain on the skin for several minutes, offering a soothing, cleansing effect that many swear by.

Effectiveness Isn’t Everything
Just because a product contains an effective ingredient or two, doesn’t necessarily mean it is truly beneficial and that the product as a whole aligns with your ethics.

There has been an explosion in cruelty-free skincare products lately, because consumers no longer want to rely on products that use animal testing of any kind, nor do they want to use products that feature ingredients sourced from animals. The philosophy behind “green skincare” focuses more on safer, gentler ingredients and respect for nature as well.

A high-quality cruelty-free product should contain nothing but the finest ingredients, sourced in a sustainable manner and that are safe yet effective. Most of the time, these ingredients are derived from plants, as natural botanicals have been shown to be quite effective when it comes to skincare. However, ingredients such as kaolin clay are purely mineral-based and offer distinct skin restoration benefits, proving that plants aren’t the only source of health and healing found in nature.

A Beneficial Cruelty-Free Face Wash Containing Kaolin Clay
For a Dermatologically-tested treat for the skin, D’Isolana Skincare’s Red Fruit Exfoliator is worth trying. This powerful cruelty-free face wash contains an array of powerful ingredients, including kaolin, for cleansing that is not only safe for all skin types, but quite effective as well.

Finding a worthwhile exfoliating facial scrub is important, especially if you deal with oily skin. However, you don’t want to have to sacrifice your ethics just to find a product that actually works.

D’Isolana Skincare’s line of carefully formulated skincare products proves that beneficial self-care doesn’t have to come at the expense of animals or the environment. If you are interested in experiencing the potential cleansing and moisturizing benefits of this refreshing cruelty-free face wash, stop by ourCommonplace.co. There you will find an incredible variety of different skincare products which are cruelty-free and deeply nourishing.

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