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Outfit Ideas for Wearing a Heavy Sweatshirt

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You have to appreciate a good heavy sweatshirt for all that it has to offer. It’s comfortable, soft, and keeps you warm even when you are indoors and don’t feel like wearing anything too bulky. As great as they are, they also have a bit of a reputation to them. Sweatshirts are often thought of as being too casual for many places and occasions. They are expected to be worn for comfort, not for looks. That just doesn’t sit right with us. Certainly, there are ways to wear a heavy sweatshirt without making it look like you did not put any effort into yourself for the day. There is absolutely no reason why comfort and style cannot go hand in hand. You should be able to look nice without having to give up your comfort, especially when it comes to dressing for the weather. After a bit of thinking, we came up with a few easy ideas for wearing a heavy sweatshirt so you look good, but do not have to do too much or sacrifice your comfort in the process.

Oversized Makes a Look
One way to dress up a heavy sweatshirt is to play off of volume. Try going up a size or two for a slouchy, oversized look that reads as intentional. Even something as simple as changing up your proportions and fit can make a big difference in how your outfit is seen. You can wear that sweatshirt with any pair of fitted or straight-leg jeans you have and that makes the look. Partially tuck your sweatshirt into your jeans at one side or in the front and make your outfit feel much more thought out and intentional.

Don’t Forget Your Jacket
This one is a good out-the-door kind of a look. If you are relaxed in your sweatshirt and jeans combo but realize you have to go somewhere, then you should be able to grab a jacket and go. Throw on a blazer, trench coat, or leather jacket and you will see that your outfit immediately looks better. Almost like magic.

Dress Up A Little
For a much more elevated look, wear your sweatshirt by styling against it. Dress so that your sweatshirt is the only thing that appears at all casual. Try layering a collared shirt underneath your sweatshirt with the collar and the bottom hem sticking out. Pair this look with somewhat dressier shoes like loafers and you can even wear jeans to go with them. The resulting look is a toned down, but polished look that says you didn’t have to do too much to look good.

Feel free to try out any of these looks for yourself and mix things up a bit so you can keep the ball rolling. You really do not have to do too much. What matters is that you look neat, clean, and pulled together. Do not feel like you can only wear a heavy sweatshirt when you are going out to the nearby convenience store or the pharmacy for a few minutes. Use that one article of clothing for all that it is worth and get different outfits out of it.

Of course some days, you will just want to wear it as-is with a pair of jeans, and that is just fine too. This is just about giving you some options so that you can wear your favorite sweatshirt out and not have to deal with criticism that it is too casual. You can feel good and look good all at once. If you need any help finding some new favorite sweatshirts, then you should start with Just Sweatshirts online. They have some insanely high-quality and super comfortable sweatshirts that would work well dressed up or toned down.

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