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How Roller Rabbit Redefines Loungewear

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Before you start shopping for some new pajama sets and robes to wear around your home, you will want to know about one brand in particular. Roller Rabbit is a standout among clothing and home goods brands, setting itself apart from the rest with its dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Their Ultra-Soft Fabric
Roller Rabbit creates some of the softest, most comfortable garments you will ever have the pleasure of feeling against your skin. Their clothing is made with 100% Pima cotton, which is known to be ultra-soft and comfortable. It is a durable, breathable fabric that will last you years and still feel as plush and soft as it did the first time you put it on. Pima cotton is the exact sort of fabric you want to wrap yourself in each and every night before bed, which makes Roller Rabbit pajamas and robes so alluring. You can send yourself off to a good night’s sleep in absolute comfort wearing the softest pajamas you’ve ever had.

Their Carefree Style
One thing that Roller Rabbit takes seriously, is not taking things too seriously. They keep a relaxed, laid-back attitude that shows in the designs of their products. You can see this fun-loving energy of theirs throughout their designs in the form of whimsical, colorful prints and patterns. One that immediately jumps to mind is their adorable monkey print in various colors spread across some of their cases and pouches. This fun attitude towards prints makes their products more enjoyable to wear and use on a daily and nightly basis. You can wrap yourself up in a heart print robe before bed and reach for your blue monkey makeup case in the morning. It’s a small detail that can have a huge impact on your mood.

Their Personal Ethics
Roller Rabbit delivers on its promise of quality products and does so with ethics and sustainability in mind. They work closely with the farms that provide the materials in Roller Rabbit products to ensure that their cotton is ethically sourced with consideration for the workers on the farms and the land itself. This commitment to creating high-quality clothing and accessories is part of what makes Roller Rabbit so exciting as a brand. We love what they make and we love how they make it all. Knowing that everything you purchase from them is created ethically makes it all even more enjoyable.

Their Everyday Use
Something special about loungewear and other home goods is that it is just for you to enjoy. Unlike the clothing that you wear out and about, your pajamas are only meant to be seen by those inside your home where you are most at ease. While you are at home trying to relax, you want to surround yourself with comfort and practicality. The clothing you wear should allow you to move around freely and naturally so that you can enjoy the time you have to relax at home. Roller Rabbit loungewear and makeup bags are not just stylish but practical for everyday use. The fact that they are stylish is an added bonus for you to enjoy them more. These are items that you will get plenty of use out of for years to come, so it is great that they deliver such an easy, luxurious feeling to you every time you use them.

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about Roller Rabbit as a company and how it redefines our vision of loungewear, you might want to see what they have to offer with your own eyes. Take a look at some of their clothing and accessories at and decide which pieces belong in your personal collection. You might want to start off with a heart-print pajama set and matching kimono to create a complete look. All of these pieces together should deliver an elevated comfort that has you rethinking the rest of your loungewear.

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