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How Blue Beauty Brands Are Leading the Way

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There is an ongoing movement in the beauty industry that is changing the way we see and interact with our beauty products. The Blue Beauty movement, founded by Jeannie Jarnot in 2018, is bringing together green beauty brands that are pioneering change within the industry and proving that sustainable, planet-friendly methods can be done. With every step they take, these brands are reshaping the beauty industry and helping it to transform into something good for the planet and everyone living on it.

Cutting Edge Packaging
Blue Beauty brands are utilizing innovative means of packaging to reduce waste. Some of the measures they take include reducing excessive packaging, eliminating single-use products and offering refillable value sizes, using easy-to-recycle materials like glass, metal, and paper, and using recyclable and biodegradable packing materials. It is important for these brands to create as little waste or harm with their products as possible. Look at Bathing Culture as an example of this mission. They mainly use glass and metal packaging, and will only use recycled plastic sparingly. Marley’s Monsters uses less common eco-friendly materials like plant-based fibers derived from bamboo and cotton. Every component of Blue Beauty packaging is designed to produce as low waste as possible.

Fewer Purchases, Higher Quality
One highly rewarding aspect of the Blue Beauty movement for consumers is the spike in quality. A major part of ethical consumerism is creating less waste by making fewer purchases and choosing higher quality products that will last longer. Single-use plastics are not needed when you purchase well-made goods designed to last. In order to contribute to this, conscious beauty brands are creating goods that are meant to be of higher quality and to last longer, especially in the case of tools or cloth goods like washcloths and reusable cotton rounds. Items like these can last you years and perform perfectly each and every time you reach for them. With this philosophy, you are able to purchase fewer items and enjoy much higher quality for each one.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients
While these brands are focused on the quality of the materials and ingredients that they use, they pay special care to source those ingredients. Blue Beauty brands work closely with small farm owners around the world to source high-quality ingredients and ensure that they know where they are coming from. Often this entails farmworkers utilizing traditional agricultural techniques and wildcrafting to ensure they treat the environment respectfully. In doing so, these brand owners are able to see the people working to supply their raw materials and are confident that they are being treated well and paid their due.

Community Initiatives
In their efforts to see real, lasting change in the world, Blue Beauty encourages everyone to take part, not just businesses. It matters that every one of us understands how our actions as a group influence each other and the planet we share. That is why the Blue Beauty movement, under the direction of Jeannie Jarnot, is committed to sharing information and resources through initiatives and continuous dialogue. You can read online about what Blue Beauty companies are doing and what drives them to push for change in the beauty industry. This movement is about much more than a recycled plastic bottle or jar. It is about bringing people together for a common purpose, one that affects both Planet and People.

With all the good these brands are doing, it would be in everyone’s best interest to show them all the support we can. As a consumer, you can be a part of the movement and show these brands that you appreciate what they are doing as well. It is important to stay informed and learn more about what you should be doing to shop responsibly and thoughtfully. If you would like to show your support by purchasing from these brands and spreading the message to those you know, you can find Blue Beauty brands at beauty-heroes.com. While you are there, you can take some time to learn more about Project Blue Beauty and what they are doing to make a change.

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