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What to Look for in a Glass Head Shop

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Smoking is becoming more and more popular across the country and this also means that more people are visiting glass head shops to find high quality smoking products. If you are trying to find a quality smoke shop in your area, it’s important to know what to look for in a shop. When you find a great store with the products you need in knowledgeable staff to help you, the process of getting everything you need to enjoy your smoking can be nice and easy.

The first thing to consider when visiting a glass smoke shop is their selection. A good shop should have a wide variety of different glass smoking pipes. Almost all high quality glass pipes will be made from borosilicate glass because this type of glass is designed to handle high heat without cracking. It is almost impossible to determine whether or not a piece of glass is actually borosilicate just by looking at it, but taking a look at a shop’s selection is a great way to determine if you can trust their products.

One easy way to determine the quality of a shop’s products is to look for name brand glass. High quality, American made glass is a great indicator that a glass head shop takes their inventory seriously. Almost all head shops will offer some no name glass as a budget option as well, but if they do not have any high quality glass brands like RooR, Illadelph, HVY, and Grav, then all of their products are probably the same generic quality glass.

In addition to glass, most smoke shops will offer a wide range of other products for rolling and vaping. Rolling papers, machines, and trays are a great option for anyone looking to roll their own while vapes let you enjoy your herb without actually burning it. This is ideal for anyone who is not interested in smoking but are still looking to enjoy their herbs on demand. Other accessories like herb grinders are a great way to prepare your herb for smoking and vaping.

Another easy way to determine if a glass head shop is worth your business is to talk to the staff. If you are a new smoker, see if they can help you find the perfect glass pipe to meet your needs. For seasoned smokers, talking about glass and other aspects of smoking can quickly give you an idea if you are dealing with a serious glass head shop.

If you are in the DC area and trying to find a great glass head shop to visit, then you need to check out the Funky Piece Smoke Shop. They’re team of smoking experts are always happy to help their customers and they have two convenient locations in DC and Maryland, with a third location coming in DC’s historic Georgetown neighborhood. For customers in DC and across the country, their online store also has a great selection of smoke shop products.

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