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Jenny Patinkin, More Than A Makeup Artist

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We should learn to expect more from our makeup brands and the products they offer. That is the idea behind clean beauty, that the products we use should be developed with quality and sustainability in mind. These are the guiding principles behind makeup artist and acclaimed author Jenny Patinkin’s line of eco-luxe beauty products.

A nationally recognized beauty expert, Jenny emphasizes a sensible approach to skincare based on age-awareness and eco-friendly business practices.

A Powerful Voice in Clean Beauty
With regular appearances on network TV and her own book (The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying), Jenny Patinkin is a whole lot more than just a makeup artist. This is a woman whose passion for beauty runs deep, and this is most evident in her work as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Her unique insight and ability to understand what women are truly looking for when it comes to effective skin care tools, has spurned on her success. Though getting a late start in terms of jumping into the beauty industry, Jenny is able to provide incredible advice that resonates with her fans and helps them achieve their skincare goals. This is one reason why she has been featured throughout the industry as a key voice in the clean beauty movement and is a favorite among beauty influencers.

Making a Difference With Luxury-Quality Products
This friendly approach to beauty along with carefully-crafted products has made Jenny a well-respected authority and highly sought-after beauty expert. Her brand is right in line with a wider conscious beauty movement that is gaining more momentum every year, as consumers demand higher-quality and greater accountability from the industry as a whole.

Jenny Patinkin and her eco-friendly brand are making a difference on several fronts. First, by producing better-quality makeup tools and other products that can help women feel confident and give them the results they desire when it comes to proper skin care. Yet she is also helping to raise awareness about more significant overarching issues such as the state of the environment and the importance of using sustainable products.

This idea of vegan beauty that is clean, non-toxic, and sustainable is extremely attractive. Products that not only work well but that you can truly feel great about using because they are developed with responsible sourcing and the environment in mind. This is what Jenny’s brand is all about and why she is taking off as a reputable personality and go-to source of expertise on this subject.

If you are interested in Jenny Patinkin’s line of luxury-quality eco-conscious beauty tools, you will find a great selection of them at Beauty Heroes. They feature the Rose on Rose Face Roller and Rose on Rose Body Roller, both of which are crafted from sustainably sourced rose quartz and are perfect if you are interested in achieving radiant-looking skin.

Visit today to browse through these and other beneficial beauty products from brands that truly care about quality and the world we live in.

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