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Getting Tools Directly from Carbide Drill Manufacturers

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End mills and drill bits are high speed cutting tools that have to handle a lot of fatigue. The heat and number of impacts that the end mills encounter mean that they can wear out when used frequently. If you are in need of high quality cutting tools for your shop, you need to look into buying tools directly from carbide drill manufacturers.

Carbide tools offer several advantages over their steel counterparts. Tungsten carbide is a ceramic material that is roughly twice as strong and as rigid as steel. This makes it an excellent material for tool making. The increased rigidity of carbide drills also makes them more accurate in milling applications. Despite its popularity as a tool material, most people are unaware of what carbide actually is.

While it may look metallic, tool carbide is a composite material. Tungsten carbide in its raw form cannot be used to make cutting tools, because it is a powdered ceramic. When that material is mixed with a binding metal like cobalt, the ceramic material helps to strengthen the cutting power and heat resistance of the cutting edge while the metallic binding material helps to strengthen the tool. Under a microscope carbide almost resembles concrete, with bits of carbide aggregate suspended in the binding metal like cement.

When it comes to manufacturing carbide tools, there can be a lot of variation in quality. Carbide is extremely hard, so precision ground tools can be difficult to produce. Poorly made carbide cutters will fatigue faster and lead to tools with unpredictable lifespans. That’s why it’s so important to work with carbide drill manufacturers that you can trust.

One of the best ways to do this is to work with domestic manufacturers. Higher quality control standards are crucial when it comes to sourcing high speed tools. A well made domestic carbide drill bit may be more expensive than a bit made overseas, but the increased longevity of the cutting edges and of the tool itself can make a huge difference.

Dealing with domestic manufacturers often means buying domestically made tools through a tool distributor. One way to save even more when purchasing tools is to purchase tools directly from the manufacturers. Many smaller scale manufacturers produce high quality tools that can be purchased at manufacturer direct prices, helping to save you money on tools that are built to last.

One carbide drill manufacturer worth checking out is Online Carbide. They are an American manufacturer specializing in solid carbide end mills and drill bits. All of their tools are precision ground using extremely accurate 5 axis grinding machines from high quality micro grain tungsten carbide. All of the tools in their online store are available at manufacturer direct prices so you can get a great deal without sacrificing quality. If you have any questions about any of their tools, their team is always happy to help. Just send an email to [email protected] to speak to one of their tool experts.

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