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Our Top Three Favorite Sahajan Skincare Products

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Lisa Mattam founded Sahajan Skincare with the goal of creating products that she and her daughter could use freely. She was concerned about many of the ingredients commonly found in skincare products that were not considered the safest to use on the body like artificial fragrances and dyes. She wanted better products she could trust with her daughter’s skin and knew that there had to be products like that out there.

With this source of inspiration, Lisa turned to her own roots and rediscovered Ayurvedic beauty treatments, which go back thousands of years to ancient India. These treatments involve using plant-based ingredients to create all natural remedies that promote overall health and wellbeing. These holistic treatments have stood the test of time, still being used today. That is because these remedies are made from potent botanical extracts and oils, which have science-backed, proven benefits to the human skin.

Lisa got to work creating her own Ayurvedic inspired beauty products made from natural ingredients and created an entire line of clean beauty products called Sahajan Skincare.

They have a full range of well-formulated products designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Out of everything we have seen from them, these have to be our favorites. If you are going to try out the brand, we recommend you pick up these ones first.

Essential Cleansing Oil
This luxurious oil-based cleanser is the perfect solution to stubborn makeup residue or dry skin. These silky smooth oils apply easily and gently remove any makeup, skincare, or impurities while leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished.

This cleansing oil is also great for those who follow a two step cleansing ritual everyday. It works well for a first cleanse, followed up by a cream or gel based cleanser.

Radiance Face Serum
A serum can play a large role in your routine if it is formulated with effective ingredients that your skin loves.

The Radiance Face Serum by Sahajan Skincare is a great example of this since it is so effective at hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It uses gotu kola, hyaluronic acid, and bahera fruit extract to nourish the skin and promote a healthy, radiant appearance.

Nourish Face Cream
As a final step in your nightly skincare routine, you can apply the Nourish Face Cream to seal everything in and leave your skin feeling soft, plump, and hydrated. Rich in antioxidants, oils, and fruit extracts, this moisturizing cream does an excellent job of delivering and retaining moisture in the skin.

Although these ones in particular are our favorites, we definitely recommend taking a look at the rest of the products they have available.

You can find Sahajan Skincare at, an online beauty store that specializes in clean beauty products. Take a look at their collection with Sahajan and curate your own little basket of goodies. With their lineup of products, you really can’t go wrong, so pick out any of the products that catch your eye or seem like they could really add something new to your beauty routine.


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