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Redefining Clean Beauty By Going Blue

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Blue Beauty
This famous term was coined by Jeannie Jarnot founder of Beauty Heros. It has been making noise in the beauty industry ever since, promoting totally natural skincare made from naturally derived ingredients and sustainable beauty for the benefit of humans and the Earth. This is the time that we give serious consideration to the way we use beauty products and how we’re still destroying them even if we’re already sticking to organic ingredients.

But wait, isn’t green beauty an already existing movement making it their mission to use only naturally derived ingredients and overall environmentally and socially sustainable products?

How does blue differ from green beauty?
Green beauty is a movement that aims to promote beauty products that are made using organic or naturally derived ingredients, blue beauty is also like that and more. Blue beauty is a commitment to rehabilitate and protect our oceans from the damages caused by humans. Ever wonder how products could potentially harm our oceans? Unnecessary packaging and single-use plastic packaging will eventually make their way into landfills. They build up over time, affecting our waterways and different bodies of water. As packaging continues to be discarded, a lesser number of days are left for our oceans to survive.

And while we blame it all on the packaging, what most of us are not aware of are the ingredients in the products we use. We thought we’re protecting ourselves from the potentially harmful effects of the sun while swimming in our oceans by slathering on sunscreen all over our bodies, but what we don’t see are the reef-harming ingredients in the product we use that seem to have sneaked their way in. Below are three of the sneakiest components in skincare products that we should constantly be on the lookout for if we want to keep our oceans alive.

Check your sunscreen for oxybenzone and octinoxate
There are still so many factors that affect consumers from going blue all the way because of the many small details that are usually hard to notice. Before you know it, you have already consumed a whole tube of sunscreen so you could keep your skin safe from the potentially damaging effects of the UV rays while snorkeling, without knowing about a couple of reef-harming ingredients it contains. Oxybenzone and octinoxate potentially harm our oceans coral reefs causing coral bleaching. But this does not mean we have to stop putting on sunscreen, we just have to find a safer product available in the market. Look for mineral sunscreen with active ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which are completely unharmful to our reefs while we enjoy the sights underwater and sounds of the waves.

Look out for microplastics
Are you one of those skincare freaks who loves the feel of a squeaky clean face after they exfoliate? There are existing facial wash products with plastic microbeads that serve as exfoliants. Microbeads are microplastics that have long been damaging marine life. As you wash your face with exfoliants that are non-organic, microbeads are also washed down, entering very fragile aquatic ecosystems. There are many natural exfoliators that are biodegradable and are totally cost-effective even. Some are even free of charge like salt, which is a natural purifier, or ground coffee collected by your coffee filter, a natural exfoliator that works perfectly on cellulitis and stretch marks.

But if you’re someone who is always in a hurry, you probably don’t have time to scoop enough salt and ground coffee to exfoliate your face as part of your beauty regimen. For your convenience, Beauty Heroes has made blue beauty an easier movement to complete and commit. Check out their wide selection of brands and products promoting another color to protect our oceans and the overall environment. You will also get a gift for every $125 purchase you make.

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