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10 Things Not to Take on a Long-Distance Unicycle Trip

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Gearing up for a long-distance unicycle trip is no walk in the park. You’ll also have less space than bicyclists will have, which compounds planning and packing.

Plus, you need to make hard decisions on what to bring, and perhaps equally as taxing, what not to bring.

Leave these 10 items at home before your next long-distance trip. Or, skip the one-wheeler and take your long-haul on a clown bike, because if you bring these on a long-distance ride, you’re packing jokes, too.

A Hatchet
A hatchet actually isn’t a terrible thing to bring on a camping trip or even some backpacking trips, so it might make sense to bring it on a unicycle trip.

But the thing is, where are you going to carry it? Not to mention, even a light hatchet weighs a pound or so.

Ditch the hatchet, carry a camp knife that you can use for batoning and other camp chores.

The Cast Iron
We know, we know, cast iron holds heat and gives you a beautiful sear. But like the hatchet, it’s going to add pounds and bulk to your pack, and on a one-wheeler, you can’t afford that.

Skip the cast iron, get a lightweight folding aluminum pan, learn how to cook in tin-foil packets, or better yet, stick with dry food and forgo the cooking, period.

Your Splitting Wedges
You won’t be able to clear 36” oak rounds without them, but each wedge weighs between 2 and 5 pounds. That’s a lot of weight. Figure it out another way, or better yet, stop worrying about splitting wood when you should be worried about covering ground.

The Propane Grill
Again, too much bulk and too much weight. This isn’t a joyride. (Right?) You should be more worried about mile markers. If you’re going to make a fire in camp, just harvest some wood and cook with that. Propane and grills are just extra weight and bulk.

Fishermen have an expression, “Don’t drive over fish to get to fish.” Hopefully, you see the analogy here.

Gather your firewood where you are. Don’t drag it across the country. That spreads dangerous pests like the Emerald Ash Borer, anyway.

Hiking Poles
Slow down, cowboy. You’re riding, aren’t you? Forget the hiking poles. If you dismount for that long and need the support, just cut your own from some green wood around the campsite.

A Chainsaw
Hopefully you’ll be able to find a way to survive without this one in your saddlebags.

The Gasoline Generator
The Westinghouse Portable 12,500 watt-Rated gasoline generator is one of the most popular in America right now.

This thing has a remote electric start, a 12-hour run time, generates up to 12,500 watts, and is 30A/50A transfer switch ready.

It also weighs 210 lbs. Do not pack it up on your unicycle.

The Ladderball Set
Aren’t you going to be taking this long haul alone? Who are you going to play with?

The Cooler
If you’re planning on bringing a lot of perishable food and doing any more than a cursory amount of cooking, you’re doing something wrong.

Stick with dried foods like trail mix and nuts, and leave the cooler at home.

Alright, What Do You Need?
If you’re looking for serious unicycle gear for long-distance riders, visit Unicycle.com. They carry unicycle safety gear, tools, pedals, saddles, handle systems, and spare parts you’ll need to prepare for a long-distance trip.

And again, if you’re planning on packing the gas generator and chainsaw for the cross-country ride, you might as well do it on a clown bike.

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