Friday, July 19, 2024
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Clown Bike

4 Interesting Benefits to Learning How to Ride a Unicycle or Clown Bike

If you already actively cycle for exercise or recreation, you might think you have little reason to take up the discipline of learning how...

10 Things Not to Take on a Long-Distance Unicycle Trip

Gearing up for a long-distance unicycle trip is no walk in the park. You’ll also have less space than bicyclists will have, which compounds...

A Short Intro to Wheel Walking a Unicycle

In a nutshell, wheel walking is manipulating the tire directly with your feet to move a unicycle rather than using the pedals. It is a...

Need a New Unicycle or Bike Seatpost Clamp? Get It at

Since bikes are largely powered by chain drives and the rider typically does not sit directly over one of the tires, adjusting a bike’s...

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