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A Short Intro to Wheel Walking a Unicycle

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In a nutshell, wheel walking is manipulating the tire directly with your feet to move a unicycle rather than using the pedals.

It is a fairly intermediate (some would say advanced) skill that takes a little experience to master.

Here’s what you should know.

How to Wheel Walk a Unicycle
First, mount your unicycle. Do this next to a wall if you can as you can use the wall for stability.

Using the wall for support, lift one foot from the pedal and place it toe-first on the tire. You need to make sure that your foot is entirely in line with the tire, not across it with your toe facing inward or out.

As you push it forward, let your foot flatten against the tire.

Do this in a slow, controlled fashion. As your foot moves forward along the tire and creates space behind it, you can lift your second foot off the other pedal and place it, toe first, behind the other.

Make sure there is a gap between your feet when you place your second foot down. Don’t be too quick to place your second foot down because you don’t want it to get trapped behind the second one if there’s no room.

Here’s one important tip, though. If you look at someone who’s wheel walking, you’ll notice that both of their legs are out in front of them.

This shifts their center of gravity forward. If you remain bolt-upright in the seat, or worse, lean forward, one of two things is likely to happen.

Either, you will fall forward, outright, or you will start rolling forward too quickly and not be able to control the acceleration. Both are not ideal.

What you need to do is lean back slightly. Either arch your back slightly or move your center of gravity backward a bit. This will help prevent you from becoming off-balance as you wheel walk.

But let’s say you’ve mastered wheel walking. How do you recover from a wheel walk and get your feet back on the pedals?

How to Recover Your Feet to the Pedals
If you’re wheel walking and don’t plan to dismount but would rather recover your feet to the pedals, what you want to do is remove your leading foot from the tire and slap it back until it hits a pedal.

You can look down if it helps; it’s best to do it when the pedal is at its farthest point forward towards your foot. Bring your leading foot back to the pedal, and then recover your second foot into the other pedal – it will be farther back, so expect more travel.

Then you can proceed forward as desired.

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